Antilock brakes system?

Question:Tell me clearly what exactly does the antilock braking system do?
Will it prevent the steering form locking when brakes are applied heavily while cornering or prevents the locking or the brakes or prevent the locking of the wheels.

If you can, please suggest any website concerned to this topic.


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If you've ever noticed (or seen on TV) that sometimes when you slam on the brakes suddenly, instead of the brakes to make the car come to a complete stop, the tire instead 'screech' and keep sliding towards what you're trying to avoid. This flat-spots the tire at the point where it is in contact with the surface. This is what happens when the 'brakes locks'

ABS was introduced to counter this by preventing the brakes from locking up and allowing the tires to slide, thus being more effective in bringing the car to a complete stop.

I hope explanation was simple and clear.

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An anti-lock braking system (ABS) is a system on motor vehicles which prevents the wheels from locking while braking. The purpose of this is twofold: to allow the driver to maintain steering control under heavy braking and, in most situations, to shorten braking distances (by allowing the driver to hit the brake fully without the fear of skidding or loss of control). Disadvantages of the system include increased braking distances under certain conditions and the creation of a "false sense of security" among drivers who do not understand the operation and limitations of ABS.

Since it came into widespread use in production cars (with "version 2" in 1978), ABS has made considerable progress. Recent versions not only handle the ABS function itself (i.e. preventing wheel locking) but also traction control, BAS (Braking Assist System), anti-understeer ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and CBC (Cornering Brake Control), amongst others. Not only that, but from history at Bosch its version 8.0 system now weighs less than 1.5 kilograms, compared with 6.3 kg of version 2.0 in 1978

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Prevents the wheels from locking due to extreme braking and allows the driver to stop the car in a shorter distance whle having full control of the car.

This system was pioneered in Formula 1, but it was banned along with many other electronic aids (traction control, which became legal again in 2003; launch control, active suspension etc.) at the end of the 1993 season.

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The anti-lock brake system, does just that, prevents your brakes from locking up, which helps slow you down faster and saver. If you had to stop suddenly and didn't have anti-lock brakes, the brakes would lock up, this would cause your tires to skid across the road and loose grip and thus cause you to travel farther without slowing down.

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The answers you have received concerning anti-lock are correct with the exception of what they were first developed for. Anti-lock brakes were developed and first used in jet aircraft, it is one of many other inventions in the aircraft industry that racing as put into use and then is developed for automotive industry.

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keep out of F1 until you know what you r talking about...your answer on wind/aerodynamic deflection is incorrect. a car's characteristics can change every lap. a gust of wind can change a car from neutral to oversteer etc from lap to lap...try experiencing that by passing a Tata truck at speed.... ABS is self stops the wheels from locking and under most normal conditions is more effective than human reflex (except snow, etc...), replacing cadence braking etc..

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