Any one Like Dirt Racing?

I do, It's a real rush, right up there with sex


Chandra Babu Naidu once mentioned about a F1 track in Hydrabad. What are the prospects?

sure do. and you're right, right up there with sex. I'm married so I see more dirt racing than I do sex.

Where would I start looking to find scale drawings of mid 1950's F1 race cars?

I like dirty dancing only lol

In a straightline race, who will win Schumi,Alonso, or Raikonnen, given that all have the same cars and tyres?

i agree. i am a woman and i race an rm 125. * better than sex.

Who won talladega in 2006?

i like the world of outlaws

What is Fernando Alonso's preferred food?

hell ya!!! my uncle race dirt and someday im gonna race too

Who is / was the best Nascar driver of all time ?

dirts for mudd bogging asphalt is for racing.(ever had sex in a race car? i have)

Have a 84 mitsubishi sigma want 2 put in power steer n motor transplant 4 either drift or drag?

Only way to go. Have watched dirt racing (sprints, late models, outlaw late models, midgets, streets, anything on four wheels, etc.) from Florida to California and in between.

Check out my 360 page.

Drag Racing?

Dirt is the earth of racing.NASCAR should put dirt on their schedule instead of these "cookie cutter" tracks.
ARCA runs full body stocks on dirt twice a year.

Who is your favorite drag-racing stars old or present?

Same here. I love it. I'm looking forward to a small race in town tomorrow night and Eldora this weekend. It's starting to rub off on my two yr old nephew as well. Earlier today, I took him and my little brother to look at a car. The seller told my brother that the brake line was out. My nephew told the seller. "Who needs brakes, we're full throttle."

What websites are there that i can buy performance parts for my quad?

love it!!!

Suggest an awesome gift for a guy who loves racing cars?

i love dirt-tracks! We have one really close to my house, and we go all the time! What a rush! I don't even mind the dirt and claydust in my hair!

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