4 and a bit hours til the grand prix, what should i do?

stay on here til it starts then go to bed, or go to bed now and risk missing it


Have you ever benn to the F1 Monaco GP? How is the Enceinte standing Area? Would you recommend it?

Stay awake with me. I love the F1 and do not want to risk missing it.

What really is mark martin going to do next year? I've heard a dozen different things. who knows for sure?


How do I get in touch with Bernie Ecclestone?

are you pretty?

Rv cost from manufactures?

or watch it at 3pm... or do what we do, set the video and we can FF past teh adverts.

How do i prepare the starting line, for maximum traction at a drag strip?

go to bed

How many points does the winner of a Nextel Cup race get?


How many think Jeff will make the chase this year?

sleep for now!! just wake up on time to see it!

Has anyone got an email address for motorcycle racer wade boyd?

set your alarm clock go too bed
good night hope your team wins??

How can i download drift movies for free?

skin up-have a toke and an easter egg

Street racing?

Go to bed and watch the re-run at 3.40pm GMT, it's uncut. You want to be awake for easter sunday, there's all of that food and chocolate eggs to be eaten and great tv!
You'll only end up like a zombie and miss the day. But it's up to you.... :-)

I don't understand.?

""rev"" your engine up on here first , then you will be "racing" to get to watch it :::!!

Is the hyundai tiburon a good car? speed, horses, comfortability?

good mornin' and happy easter everyone. I'd wish the weather in Malaysia would be like it is here, clouds and rain...
sure no wait for the race, drink nescafe and u'll be fine
good luck for ur driver

Is underground racing like what it is in the movies?

drink a coffee and enjoy in race! :-)

How to put honda accord wheels on my honda civic?

i sore this morning the winner is...
im not going to tell you

Need to know a store that i can buy the dale earnhardt sr seatcovers?

get laid

Who do you think is the greatest nascar legend ever?

active your alarm clock go to dreams and see your team drivers on podium.

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