Airbag light flashing?


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It means you have a problem with your airbag. you need to hook up a diagnostic scanner to pull codes out of the system to further diagnose it. If you don't have one, bring it to a repair shop.

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change the fuse for it...

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Take it to the dealer. There might be a recall on it, and the dealer would fix it for free. It happened to my toyota corolla.

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Check the wiring but read a manual on your cars repair first and learn how to disconnect the ABS. It usually can be fixed with an electronic device like a diagnostics mechine available; at your local mechanics. But you airbag hasn't deployed or you'd known by now.

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Might check your owners manual. It may tell you something about the flashing air bag symbol.

Nascar fanatics! why is JEFF GORDAN hated so much?

depends on make model year.. some hondas air bag light will flash if the passenger is sitting to the side of the this case its normal. if the light always flashes, need to go to a pro for diag.

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