What exactly makes a monster truck “monster”?

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What is market value for a Ford F350 14' box truck at 170000 miles?

Its general monstrous bigosity.

Where can i find a free casing and/or gear diagram for a kawasaki kx80 1984 dirtbike?

mayb the size.

Who Thinks Nascar Is the Best Sport? And why?

When it is.
Coming over the hill.

Performance muffler question.?

it's big.obviously, and it's powerful

What's the weirdest thing you have seen in nascar?

the fact that it is monster sized?!!

how many monsters have you come across that are small and shy?! hmmmmmm

My husband will be racing his car how can i support him i am scared something will happen to him?

ummm maybe cuz it has shocks taller than anyone except yao ming, tires that u could sit in...confortably!, and duh cuz its just so dang big!

Who has got more fans Michael Schumacher or Fernando Alonso.?

based on size, power and the ability to crush cars

I own an 1992 CR250 motorcycle..Does anybody no if an swingarm from a 500cr will replace my 250cr(honda)?

I believe it has to have 60 inch or larger tires.

Anyone going to Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte this comming Saturday?

Monster refers to it's size x

Will a DVD audio player in a car also play MP3 files on a CD?

UUrm. It's big
and . It can crush cars
aannnd... one of them is called bigfoot, also known as a semi-human monster in North America somewhere, I think

When its confirmed dat Kimi has joined da Ferrari team, why do they still air da Mclaren/J. Walker/Kimi ad?

usually determined by the axle size / wheel size ie monster wheels = monster truck

Jesson Button are you glad he has won?

It's gotta be the huge wheels and an engine with plenty of poke that make it a monster!

Whats the average miles per gallon on a Newer(2003-2006) Dodge 1500 or Ford F150?

hmmm i thinks it has to be the size and maybe even the rims *shurgs* i think its mainly an american thing so i have no idea lol

N a s c a r!?

. . . it's because of the word that comes just before "truck" . . .

Who is the sexiest nascar driver?

Maybe...the size ?

Restrictor plates...?

Monster means a large, scary and intimidating and potentially very dangerous.

So, to me, a monster truck would be one that has the presence of a monster - large, scary, intimidating and potentially very dangerous.

Is there a videotape of jeff gordon and his crew chief with questoinable content?

the big, fat huge tires and the engine capacity

Who's going to win the Supercheap Bathurst 1000?

its size, you silly goose.

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