Monster trucks have names like “Bigfoot” – should Premiership teams adopt colourful new names?

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Any Nascar fan's who like Jimmie Johnson, and/or Kasey Kahne?

Yep. I thought everyone was calling Man United "Bucaneers" anyway.

What do you call 33 NASCAR fans in the same room?

You think I'm going to answer an official question?

Why did Dani Pedrosa let Nicky Hayden win at last Moto GP?

Wouldn't that lower them to the level of the NFL?

Do you know which supercross races ricky will be racing this season?

The more colorful the name the better the recognition factor for them. So I have to yes they should. It's all about the commercial value these days.

Who finds F1 qualifying more entertaining than the actual race, and should a water splash be on the circuit?

erm...they already do! Lets see:
Manchester United: "Red Devils"
Arsenal "Gunners"

Shall I continue?
The Wanderers, Hotspur, The Arabs (Scottish League - Dundee United), Magpies, Eagles, The Gasmen...and i am sure there are plenty of others!

Outboard engines?


Need to know about nascar history?

It could be done. They do it already with women's football teams, so why not with the Premiership?

Do you think Casey Mears will start winning races once joins the Hendrick team?

NO NO NO NO No No no!!!!!; Americans do that because they have no history or culture. Us English do not need such made up, skin deep names because we have an actual culture and history that we can draw upon, if we are ever in need of a name.

If Lewis Hamilton was driving a Super Aguri car?

Oh please, leave that to Rugby League and Twenty 20 Cricket.

Why do the roof numbers on NASCARs face the drivers side,this makes them backwards to the flagman's stand.

don't think that Premiership teams should have more 'colourful' names.

The teams have been around for decades, over a hundred years in many cases. The names are not just labels that we put on a team, they are part of the team's identity, and history. Likewise, the stadia often have names which are historically significant in the area.

The idea of changing the names of teams was put forward as a joke in Budweiser advertisments, saying that maybe they should let 'us' do the football and that they'll do the beer. This just goes to show that the idea isn't one which would go down well.

The fans that fill thousands of seats at games every weekend have often been following their respective teams for many years, often the team might be a family tradition. Changing the names of teams to the 'Charlton Tigers' or 'Team Wigan' would probably lead to supporters becoming a bit disenchanted by their clubs and could amage the game.

I think more focus should be put on kicking racism, diving and hooliganism out of the game, and not on changing traditions.

Andrew, 15, Dublin.

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