Any f1 nuts on here?


Anybody besides my happy to see Tony Stewart knocked out of the chase?

Yes mate!

I'm the one that flew off the back of Alonso's Renault in Hungary.

How would i get into modeling for motorsports?

Yep me.

Do you think Tony Stewart care about weight on a women?? Does size really matter Tony stewart?

Yes , I love formula 1 .

Objective and structure of amphibious vehicle?

What's "f1 nuts"?

Does anyone know of any motocross?enduro tracks or clubs, i am looking to join one.?


I have a 1997 honda accord special ed that has trouble starting when cold?

Yup Love F1 and Moto GP, WSB

Are Nascar drivers "Athletes"? Is Nascar really a "sport"?

Yes, can Shumie come back? Where is Juan Pablo?

Anyone know when the camping tickets go on sale for Le Mans 2007?

yeah i love F1

I want to know about ferrari ENZO?

No, I used to like it.

I need to know how to design a drag strip and what are the standard design of the barriers ?

sure, speaking of which, watch what happens to this guy coming to aid the driver...

Is it legal to have sex in your car?

Yep, love a bit of F1 action!!!

Need to know where i can get a 03 cl type-s transmission and install into a 98 honda accord v6?

Me!! Jensen 4 me.

Do you think Nascar is safe enough that no one will die anymore if they get into a big wreck?


Do women flash their breasts at nascar races?

you have to be nuts to watch that boring crap.
try moto gp for real action!!

Does anyone know of any 50 dirt bike tracks in california?

neeeyummm.neeeyummm.neeyummm.. cars drive around in circles for 2 can't beat it..woof!

Do you think the garage accident before qualifying slowed Alonso's car?

Yes. I;ve ben watching F1 on TV here in Australia since we got it way back in the early 80s. Don't think I've missed one race. Got married on 1993 and my beautiful wife to be asked if there were going to be any races on during our honeymoon! Said she'd change the date if there was! No, there weren't!

With all the performance products out there, how do i know wich one is the best one for stang gt?

yeah loved since i was a kid. Used to sit with my dad and watch it at the weekends. Is it just me or should the BBC get their arses in gear and get it back? Im so sick of coming back from adverts to find something important has happened!

How tall is race driver Carl Edwards?

Not I.

For you F1 fans. If F1 is so great then why is Montoya going to drive a full season in the 42 car in NASCAR?

yes , watch every race
well done jensen
cant stand the commercial breaks

What has happened to team RAC in the British touring cars?

Got one right here - get 10 points for this ?

I watch it - at the same time get live timing on my Lap Top for analysis purposes. Get involved in trivia games, fantasy games, it is the first site I visit every morning for news updates. And I Visit a track every year !

I want to say sth to ghetto_citta and others.just click..?

I spend my Sunday nights (I'm in Australia) locked up in my room, with the TV on, wearing a Ferrari hat, my little Ferrari podium lego toy with the two Ferrari driver figurines occupying the top two steps of the podium (my good luck charm), playing PS2 formula 1 game during ad breaks (at the same track, of course), and in the morning, doing Michael/Kimi/Alonso impersonations of them doing post-race interviews (Michael: "Yeah, obviously you can see what happened on the TV..." Kimi: "For sure, we are a little bit disappointed but's like this sometimes" Alonso: "I was doing my maximum, the tyres were fantastic, 2nd is a perfect result for us"). When I go to put petrol in my car (at Shell...same as Ferrari..but driving a 1986 Mitsubishi), I'm thinking fuel loads ("damn, I only have $10...well, splash and dash then!") and strategy ("groceries, then post office, then bank") and traffic when I rejoin...bit sad really!!

Can you tell me when I can watch the replay of todays NASCAR race that was that I missed ? Thanks?

big time avid follower and have been for 12 years love schumacher

F1 vs Indy Car?


How does one become a race car driver, and why aren't there many women drivers?

Me! Formula 1 is awesome and really interesting.

Do Nascar drivers get paid too much or not to put their life on the line every time they get behind the wheel?

I've been around since the days of Senna and have only missed races while in the military. What a magical man he was. I used to be such a freak that I would video tape the races. A little obsesive but now I just watch. GO RUBENS!!!

How can i make my car go faster i have 1988 honda crx/ motor: 1.8 GSR?

Yes me too. watched it for years. The last GP was great had a bit of everything.

Who are the tallest and heaviest drivers in NASCAR?

i like to think of myself as a f1 fan not really a nut, although i think that my childen would agree with the nut part.

How to find a restoration shop for the Datsun 240Z?


Used to be a diehard but not so much anymore - not the same characters as their used to be and the coverage here in the US is pathetic (I was spoiled by the BBC commercial free presentation during my childhood and then ITV's coverage with limited commercials was great). Been a fan since 88'.

Watched some amazing races over the years. Mansell and Senna used to be great, along with Prost and Piquet, some great rivalries.

Bloody hate Scummer...erm' I mean Schumacher. He is a cheat and does not deserve his status. The Renaults were rigged with traction control/launch control, he wiped out Damon Hill, tried to wipe out Jaques Villenueve, everything went against Mclaren with all Ferrari's protests (dual braking system etc) and what the f@#* was he thinking in Monaco this year!?!

Who here do not like either #24 or #48?

Have loved F1 since I was little... I go to the Australian GP every year.

Which team is better for kimi? mclaren, ferrari or renault?

I like Formula 1 but not a nut.

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