1994 chevy blazer 4x4 s10 not starting no spark?

new spark plugs wires and every thing else i mentioned in the previos question and new fuel pump its getting gas not turning completely over to start


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Maybe pickup coil.

NASCAR Pepsi 400 Daytona?

the battery could be dead.

What are your favorite sports?

Probably with the computer. We had a simaliar problem and replaced the fuel pump too and then it turned out to be the computer. If we could've shot that chevy blazer we would've!

Trying to locate a coupon for tune up on a 6-cylinder "98" Mitsubishi Montero SUV, less than $140 dollars.?

Ignition control module or crankshaft position sensor. Probably the module though. It sits under the coil packs and sends a pulse to them to tell them when to fire. Double check the ignition fuses first though.

Why are there not any aftermarket high performance parts for '05 cavaliers?

have the coil pack check

How many gallons of gas will mix with 16oz of outboard 2 cylce tc-w3 oil?

check the ecm fuse in the fuse box...its a 10 amp fuse

How bad does a karting accident have to be in order to be fatal?

Crank sensor. I think John is on the right track. Could you have maybe done something that could have caused the pcm to need flashing? a' 94... I'll think on it some more! :)

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