Any place in Gainesville, Florida?

Is there any place in Gainesville where I can go and watch soccer or F-1?


Whats the speed difference between 5 horsepower b&s and an 11 horsepower b&s?

yes,these are my favorite sports !
but I really don't know where could you watch it!
do you have cable TV at home?

Where is the sign up for Silverado giveaway on series fox sports?

nani gave u da best answer, giv her 10 points .plz..

What distance is needed by a car to stop if her spee3d is 60 km/h?

one moment!

hey nani! friend.u dont like that sports more than me...
I'm playing soccer 4 two years...u don't like it more than me...

f1 & soccer for ever!

f1 fan...

How to get more horsepower out of a 1996 ford escort 1.9 L?

hey u know what,all these guys are just competing for ur ten points,rather than giving u the actual answer,hey i'm really sorry that i can't help u because i don't stay there,but hey if you have cable or satellite television,u can watch any sport of your choice,satellite tv gives you everything

hope u get to watch the sports,coz they r our life,aren't they?

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