1/4 mile best and worst time of my car.?

i have a 87 montecarlo ss, and on www.montecarloss.com they said that most of the 4th gen. montecarlo's in the 1/4 mile run between 15.8 and 15.3. before i run it at the track am going to put, flowmasters, headers, underdrive pully, intake, and a super or hypertech chip in. with it all ready running STOCK between 15.8 and 15.3 i want to know what would be my worst time and my best time in the 1/4 mile.


What really happened to Mike Gascoyne?

Between 15.0 and 15.5 the mods you listed wont help as much as you think they will. That time is probably that of a new car and not 1 that is almost 20 years old.

What skills are needed for car racing (e.g. NASCAR)?

Get the vehicles weight, and estimate the HP you'll be making. Then go here:


Keep her straight!

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I'd have to agree with Macgyver...

You are also assuming that you are going to hook up at the track to get those times...
You won't ... Not with street tires... If you want to hook on the track yer gonna have to invest in some good drag racing tires too.

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