1990 Civic LX keeps stalling?

Question:I have a 1990 Civic LX with 80K. It has been running like a dream since I got it a year ago.

3 days ago I was driving on the highway and at about 60MPH the engine stalled and started right back up without me touching the key. It was still in drive and I regained power but although the RMP needle moved when I pushed the gas no power was going to the wheels. I pulled over and turned the car off, then restarted and drove home without any issue.

2 days later in the EXACT same spot on the highway the EXACT same thing happened. The next morning it stalled going 20 in my neighborhood and wouldnt tart for 5 minutes. I took it to my friend to look over and he changed the Fuel Filter (largely because it was old, he didnt think that was the issue)

Ever since then the car stalls a lot. Usually I cant start it again for 5 - 10 minutes, sometimes it starts right up.

This morning was the longest I coulnt start it so I opened the hood, gave the plugs a shake, he fuel filter a tap, and just


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Check for these things:

1)Fuel pressure...how high or low is it? Low fuel pressure will do some of the symptoms you are describing, and can stem from a faulty fuel regulator or fuel pump (most fuel injected cars are regulated FROM the pump, so you are still looking at a bad pump regardless). Some fuel pumps have what are called filter socks on them...these can sometimes get clogged as well, esp. if you live along a sandy area.

2) Weak spark. Biggest culprits of weak spark are old wires and plugs, as they increase electical resistance with age. Distributor caps and rotors wear out over time as well, so I would (if haven't already) replace all of these items. Least likely problem is the pickup sensor (though they will go bad over time as well).

3) Air system. Make sure your air filter isn't clogged. If the car is fuel injected, there may be an airflow sensor that needs replacing, and periodically cleaning the throttle body would be beneficial as well (smoother idle).

Hope this helps. Hondas have a very high tolerance for lack of maintanance, so if it ran well before this problem, once all the items above have been addressed, you will swear you are driving a new(er) car!

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I think something might be wrong with it. You should see a mechanic.

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Clean the throttle plate and bore with any spray household cleaner and a lint free rag. Have a friend press on the accelerator pedal to hold it wide open while you clean the plate thoroughly, especially around its edges. You'll need to remove the air intake duct that leads from the air filter housing to the throttle plate area of your intake manifold.

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Two things can cause this.
#1 have the fuel pump pressure checked. If it low or the pump is old and has a lot of miles on it it gets weak over time and it will not supply the pressure it need to supply fuel to the injuctore.
#2 Inside the dist is a pickup coil. When it gets hot the pickup coil will break down and stop. After a short time it cools off and it will restart.
Remove it and take it to auto-zome and have it tested. Thy can test it under load( thy heat it up with there tester ) and if it is showing signes of age replace it.
Hope this helps
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