4x4 Question?

Question:When you put your 4x4 in 4x4L, is it drivable on dirt and do all 4 wheels go low?

When the drive shifter on an automatic has a L23DNRP, does the L indicae low or first gear?


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Yes, all 4 wheels go low. Yes, it is drivable on dirt, actually it is drivable in road conditions that require power and not speed. Also keep in mind that generally when 4X4 is engaged the back wheels lose their ability to rotate at different speeds (the differential is locked) thus for you not to cause damage to your vehicle do not engage 4X4 unless you're on dirt, mud, snow, or any surface which will allow the back wheels to slide freely when rotating both at the same speed and thus in a curve one will be dragged and this dragging has to be on a slippery surface. This is not true of all 4X4 brands therefore you must be familiar with the Driving Manual.
With regard to your second question you do not specify if it applies to a 4X4, in any case yes, it indicates low gear.

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L = Low gear
When you are in 4x4L you can go slow, don't speed or you will burn out the transfer case and you will be looking at up to 1,600.00 dollars to replace it.
have fun four wheeling

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L low gear 1. 4x4L is usually a slow speed 35MPH max gear for all 4 wheels to be turning (may be lower for some vehicles). 4x4H is for higher speeds 2L is to disengage the 4x4 mode to only 2 wheels and save gas (as well as tires and transmission)

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l is low, in 4 wheel drive all wheels are pulling.

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L is ofcourse the LOWEST GEAR - which is the 1st Gear.

In the L mode, the 4x4 should work fine, especially on hilly terrains - dirt or no dirt. All wheels will get the Maximum power or torque from the engine.

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all 4-4 are the same yes l is for low,one and two are for climeing, or heavy pulling,if you just drive highway or streets you drive it like any other car.you just have the all wheel performance.

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It depends on your vehicle. 4L just means that the transfer case in in low, best for off road as you'll wind out your motor quickly. Now that most cars/trucks are computer controlled it could also lock your front, rear, or both into full time, or limited slip instead of letting one wheel on each end slip. Again, depends on your car to know whats happening.

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yes L indicates low gear

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