Any one know where the best place to camp out in Oceano Dunes i never been there.?


How fast will 05 4x4 4door f350 6.0 6speedtrans 33inch mickey thomson tires top speed?

if you want anyone to answer your question it is generally known as pismo beach. it really depends on if you have any bikes or rails or quads ect. if you r going to rent from bj's or arnies atv rentals. for that weekend it will be swamped so bring 20 3' long sticks and some caution tape to Set perimeter around your camp. if you are just learning how to ride in the sand follow sand highway it starts at pole 4 and ends at 25. OH and if you have a rv or heavy trailer ask the rangers at the front gate what amount of tire pressure you should have in your tires. ohh and don't ever use steve's rentals, because they are way overpriced!!!!!... if you need a part bj's can send it down with a load, or go to angelos atv rental it is off the first entrance.

so to answer your question, by pole 4 , or right after the extremely shallow water crossing

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