5 years from now, how will be the Top 5 NASCAR Nextel Cup Drivers?

Question:My list:
1. Jimmie Johnson
2. Kasey Khane
3. Tony Stewart
4. Denny Hamlin
5. Kyle Busch


Can you be a Nascar fan and still have all your teeth?

2.Denny Hamlin
3.Matt Kenseth
4.Jimmie Johnson
5.Carl Edwards

Where Can I Get Performance Parts For My 06 Grand Prix GXP With A 5.3L V8?

1. Denny Hamlin
2. Kasey Kahne
3. Jeff Gordon
4. JJ Yeley
5. Tony Stewart

What does a "cc" mean in motorcycles?

1.Kyle Busch
2. Jimmie johnson
3.Brian Vickers(not in a TOYOTA)
4. Casey Mears
5.Kasey Kahne

Will smoke win this weekend at indy?

Tony Stewart (not my choice)--but the guy is a bad *** driver!

Kasey Kahne & Jimmie Johnson--theses guys get better and better every year (that's why I love them)!

Denny Hamlin & Kyle Busch--these guys are newer guys on the block, but it sure doesn't show...they are probably making the chase their 1st and 2nd years into Nextel racing, maybe even winning the cup!

What color goes with sky blue?

Kasey Kahne
Matt Kenseth
Jimmie Johnson
Denny Hamlin
Tony Stewert

Fernando Alonso is cute!!!?

jimmie johnson
tony stewart
dale earnhardt jr
ryan newman (bad season so far, boo hoo)
kasey kahne

What did you think of the begining of the IRL season in 06?

Casey Mears
Kasey Kahne
Denny Hamlin
Reed Sorenson
J.J. Yeley

In no particular order.

Is camless technology viable, and what will be the essential benefits of such a system?

1.Jeff Gordon
2.Jimmie Johnson
3.Tony Stewart
4.Kurt Busch
5.Denny Hamlin

Where can I find women motorcycle riders looking for riding buddies in MA?

well, assuming they are all still around..

tony stewart
denny hamlin
kasey khane
kyle busch
kevin harvick

Ashley Force?

2.Denny Hamlin
3.Jimmie Johnson
4.Scott Riggs
5.Jamie McMurray

What American manufacturer was the last to use torque tube drive for the rear differential?

1. Dale JR
2. Truex
3. Menard
4. Said
5. Hamlin

What car you like best corvette or nissan sky line?

1) Dale Jr.
2) Tony Stewart
3) Denny Hamlin
4) Kyle Busch
5) Truex Jr.

Does anyone know if tony stewart is going to be racing in the coca cola 600?

As much as it pains me to say-Jimmie Johnson

and the other 4..
Tony Stewart
Denny Hamlin
Dale Jr.
Kyle Busch

Most Wins!!!?

1. Matt Kenseth 2. Kyle Bush 3.Kurt Bush 4.Carl Edwards 5. Denny Hamlin I think Ricky Bobby will be good if given good equipment. (Dale Jr BLAHAHAHAHA NOT)

What does the 1 stand for on a nascar race car, when it comes before the regular number that they have?

I will be honest with you that is a hard question to answer because there could be a rookie come in and blow every one away.
My choice would be:

Carl Edwards
Denny Hamlin
Kasey Khane
Tony Stewart
Jimmie Johnson

Who Do i like better Smoke or Jeff Gordon?

my list:

1.Jeff Gordon
2.Jimmie Johnson
3.Carl Edwards
4. Kyle Busch
5. Dale Jr.

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