Any of you going to NASCAR race in Watkins Glen this weekend?

It's a great track!


What network is nascar race on today?

Nope, but I AM a huge Nascar fan!
I live right in the middle of Nascar
country. Will you say a cheer for
my guy Jimmie Johnson, or even
Tony Stewart if he's being

Need Help please?

nope...don't like "road" tracks...

Why does dale earnhardt jr fans hate jeff gordon?

I wish!!!

Which NASCAR driver would you like to be stuck in an elevator with and why?

I can't afford the tickets or travel right now, but I'll be happy to watch it on TV, especially if Tony repeats his performance from last year!

What are we all going to do when NASCAR's season is over?

i wish i was to see tony win..

Why do Formula1 drivers check their weight after each race?

no but Ive been there before the finger lakes is a nice place go Boris Said i worked with him for ten years in the 80s he should do good might take the pole

Is this the way to Dakar?


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