86 mustang or 86 camaro?

i like the 86 mustangs there lite and fast.mine has a 302 with 4v heads.borla exhaust cross pipe bored and stroked and a bigger cam.


What do you think about these Busch Series greats?

The 86 mustang if indeed it is a GT or LX with a v8 would be lighter and than the camaro, and the aftermarket for the mustang is bigger in terms of fuel injection manifolds, cams and other various parts that keep the car smog legal but very quick and fast. In fact if you got an LX with the 302 and used some minor tweaks it would be very clost to running high 12s get the LX its lighter and thats what counts. The camaro while a fine vehicle weighs more and the engine of that period while a 350 is not very well supported by the aftermarket if you are seeking to keep it smog legal. If smog isnt a problem of course the 350 is cheap to get and their are tons of aftermarket options but in that period the late 80s the fox bodied mustang was a great car. Unless your car has a non stock engine it doesnt have 4 valve heads those arrived on the cobra version of the 4.6 in the mid 90s it might have 302 4 valve heads in terms of fords odd 2 valve 4 valve carb titles but it dont think you have 4 valves in each cylinder if you do then call the press you have a 1 of a kind car.

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Mustang!! yeah, very nice car!

What was the last year that cadillac had a v16 engine?

Mustang all the way. I love mustangs, I have a 94 V-6, a 94 GT Convertible, a 83 and a 84.

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camaro,fords are JUNK


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86 camaro

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Fords and BIG IRON above SUCK.

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