89 camaro rs thats missing, i have replaced the plugs wires,all vacume hoses and all filters any suggestions?


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Make sure none of the spark plug wires are touch the manafold if so that will burn the wires and cause the miss. also try the distributer cap theres a tiny router inside there also make sure its in tact and throwing a full spark. you should also check to make sure all the sparkplug wires are connect on the distributor cap on the proper sparks also there are many reaosn try these out and let meknow if not youll have to getmore in depth

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check the timing rotation of the distributor,maybe it needs to rotate left or right.

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Hows the engine running in general does it ever smooth out? I let my daughter drive my 81 z28 and the next day it had a mysterious miss in it. I replaced wires, cap, hit and miss. Come to find out water pump was bad and had run hot and galded the cam. Complete rebuild and it runs like a top, again.. Worse thing that it could be, so you will feel better when you fix yours. Good Luck!!~:)<>

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call the cops. they might be able to find it. hope they do considering all that work you just did.

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well do a spark test to make sure you are getting spark at the cylinders then check fuel pressure if it is fuel injected or just make sure its getting fuel in general. there are only 3 things an engine needs to run..fuel, air and spark

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