10 points: What kind of Nascar penalty will Carl Edwards get?

Question:Let's see who gets this one right.
I am going to say $25k, 25 driver points, 25 owner points. I can only hope for a driver suspension.


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$25k and probation for the rest of the season

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Im gonna say $50K, and they will lienient on everything else

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loss of 50 points and $15K

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If you're looking for a suspension, you must be a Junior fan. Junior rolled him UP. He was under Carl for the LONGEST...that ain't just incidental contact,cuz Carl was a bit loose in 2. Jr's just like his old man was. Dirty f&%$%#$ racer.Shoulda been blackflagged. The powers that be tell Tony & Carl that they won't tolerate such stuff, but Junior should get a free pass?!

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and why? should he get a penalty?

by the way here is a quote from nascar.com
Earnhardt slammed into the rear end of Edwards' No. 60 Ford, sending him spinning down the track and nearly taking Gordon with him

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none i dont think but they should take the win away from jr . they get on to tony all the time for driving like but it's ok for jr to drive like that. if it was me i would have ran his a@@ in the wall and then got out and beat the sh@@ out of him

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hey longhair, f*#k you AND carl edwards. edwards wrecked junior the same way at atlanta in 2004 when junior was running for a nextel cup championship with less than 5 laps to go when junior had just taken 3rd place from him. if edwards hadn't done junior dirty that day, junior would have left atlanta in 1st place in the points with just a few races left. instead, that took him out of contention for the title. so junior was just racing edwards the same way edwards raced him. if you can't take it, don't dish it out.

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why u routen for carl edwards anyway!!!

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I don't think either Jr or Edwards should get a fine or points taken away. They were racing hard on the last lap, sometimes stuff happens. I didn't get to see it, but it sounds like Jr was on his rear and Edwards got loose, checked up and Jr hit him. Guess what, that's racing. Sure Edwards was pissed, but I'm sure he knows that's racing. In a week or two it'll be over with. Unless of course they get together tomorrow in the Cup race!! :)

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Well long story short.
1) Loss of owners points.
2) fined.
3) suspended from 1 race.

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5 cents would be ok with me as long as he lost.

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if carl gets a penalty then junor should get one...

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Carl should not recieve any penalties, Dale won't.

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Racing is racing-if one gets a penalty, both should. However, IMO no one should. They should all quit their whining and accept the fact that if they're going to race hard, there will be hard consequences to deal with.

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c'mom It wasn't that bad!
It was racing-they were racing & Carl was mad. Worst things had happen this year in paybacks & all that. NASCAR should only put Edwards in provation for the rest of the season.

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Penalty for what, for being intentionally wrecked?

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See the look in Jr. eye's it was priceless, when Edwards almost took off his hand. Carl will get fined $15000 and 25 points and Jr.
will get nothing.

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know it all is exactly right, carl didnt cut jr. a break in atlanta so jr. just returned the favor. i think edwards should be fined 10k, fined 25 points and put on probation for the rest of the season.

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I say $30K, 50 Driver points, 50 Owner points and 1 race suspension

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hopefully supension and driver points

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well, this is his first offense..but he did quite a few no-no's..
i think you'll see 25k and 25 driver points. i don't think you'll see owner points yet..b/c this was a driver quarrel. if carl did it again (rememer this was busch series.. other incident was cup..they can't refelct on each other) than possibly owner points..but not quite yet.
and you'll see probation until at least the end of the season.

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I was really hoping they wouldn't let him race on Sunday (but of course that didn't happen). I believe Carl is already on probation for what he did to Tony a few weeks back, so if that's the case he's in a world of trouble.

Hopefully there will be a driver suspension, he definitely deserves it. As for points and money I'm going with $50K, 30 drivers points, and 30 owners points.

NASCAR really needs to do something about him before he ends up killing someone because of his temper. I mean it's okay for him to bump someone out of the way to win, but when it happens to him it's not fair. He needs to grow up and stop being such a baby.

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Carl will probably get $25,000 fine, and will be on NASCAR's bad boy list for rest of the season. He will probably get suspended if he does this again.

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Since he was already on probation in the cup series for on the track retaliation during a caution, he should definitely be suspended. Like one of my friends told me this morning, "If he had taken off Jr's arm, his life would be a lot different right now".

I say, fined $50k, 50 driver points, and 50 owner points. And not allowed to race in the Bush race at Bristol.

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What happend DURING the race no one should penalized or fined....that was just good old fashioned racing! As for Carl Edwards acting like ** after the race he should be fined and penalized for that. This isn't the powder puff circuit!!! Carl has been acting like a little ** latley.

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