Any one like Kasey Kahne?


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Love him! Bummer yesterday, oh well theres more races to win!

The guy can drive high or low, he is one of the nice drivers, he is fine, he has a great personality, etc.!

My Yahoo! id is i_luv_kahne_9

And I just named my puppy Kasey, Kasey Canine (Kahne 9)

What attracts you to NASCAR? Are you a die-hard fan or not?


Shumi is coming back what do you say guys?


What exactly is "bandit racing", or "bandit", or "bandit cars"?

YES of couse. Glad he is ok after his hard hit yeaterday. He is one of the most respectful drivers.

Biggest Kahne fan

How can i meet Dale Jr?

Yes I love Kasey and I can tbelieve wht happened yesturday they should have pulled the caution after greg biffle and robby gordon wrecked and kahen would have been scored in 9th place they really should have glad he is okay though, man what a hard hit

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yes i like kasey he is a good driver...

Is Kimi Raikkonen as good as he is made out to be?

Yes. I've been a Kasey fan since he first started in NASCAR. I was so mad when he wrecked yesterday. I'm just glad he's okay, that was a pretty hard hit he took.

Does anyone watch motogp coz I havent seen it on for a while?

Yes, I love him!!! He is a great driver! Did I fail to mention, he is hot!
GO KASEY # 9 !!!!

Car's basic structure?

ya. im pretty much okay with all the drivers...except stewart. i cannot stand him. i wanted to jump in the tv and beat him last week.

Anyone else going to Michigan to the race this weekend?!!!?

By like do you mean Kasey is hot and he needs to dump that hoochie he is dating and hook up with his real girlfriend me? Or do you mean that he is a good driver?

Yes on both accounts

Does anyone know how to listen to the nascar race on the computer for free or at least get free updates?

he ok

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What word spells the same forward and backwards and is associated with nascar??

good driver hes ok in my book

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