A nascar goof?

What do you think about this.2 weeks ago, Kurt Busch, who was leading the race at the time, is at the entrance to pit road, there was a late caution flag (it should have been thrown ALOT sooner then it was), and about 10 feet from the commitment entrance to pit road, they close pit road to all drivers. However, Kurt Busch was already commited to coming into the pits. Do you think this was a Nascar mistake? Do you think Kurt should have been penalized for it?


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It was unfair...He was already there to pit and when he gets within feet from it THEN they decide to close it. That's wrong and it is in the process of being rectified and it is not so much the pits in general as it is the Watkins Glen pit because apparently it is a little more difficult to see the lights at Watkins Glen unless you are right up on them.

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It was definitely a mistake, and this is coming from an Earnhardt fan.NASCAR owes him a public apology, but it is too late for much else to be done about it.

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When I saw "a nascar goof" I thought you meant Jeff Gordon.

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Kurt deserved what he got. I think NASCAR should put more lights in, though.

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Rules are rules. It is unfortunate, but it has happened to others. If they made this a judgment call there would be even more controversy.

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Unfortunately, the way that the rules are written, NASCAR was right in penalizing Kurt Busch. That doesn't mean that something could have been set up in a different way to give the drivers a better chance of 'backing out' and not having to enter the pits.

I know they are discussing this, but I think the answer is pretty simple. Just move the lights back from the commitment line to give them a chance to see it before being in the pits.

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no if he was on his way in and on the entrace road to pit lane then he should have not been given a a penalty cuz i think it was to dangerous for him to avoid the pits

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Nascar should have made an eception, being that he lead, the light came out as he was approaching, obviously not planning on taking advantage of any type. It just happened that the timing was weird. Next time they should institute a grace area before the light (entrance to the pits) where if you're in it and the light comes on, you're ok'd continue and go to the pits.

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I think it was, and on Sunday, the announcers were talking about how NASCAR is going to tweak the system in light of this. It wasn't fair to poor Kurt at all (and I'm not a fan of his).

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i think it was a racing deal. it totally sucked for kurt. it really did, but it was a rule. now that is has become an issue i really think nascar needs to look at making it a bit more fair, b/c in the end i think busch and his team got screwed since there was no time to really know and tell him to just drive through.

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According to the rules currently in place NASCAR did what they had to do.If they had not penalized Kurt then it wouldn't have been fair to the other teams,and they would have raised heck about it.Now I'm not a big fan of Kurt's but I hated it for him because at that time he was obviously the class of the field.I would much rather have seen him get beat on the track.NASCAR is taking a hard look at this and I think before the road courses next year they will have come up with a solution for this problem.NASCAR is usually pretty good about responding to and fixing problems as they pop up.On the broadcast of the Michigan race they told us about a situation a few years back when Rusty Wallace and Dale Earnhardt Sr were in a tight battle for the Winston Cup title and NASCAR made a mistake that had put Earnhardt
either way back in line or a lap down.When they realized their mistake they stopped the race and let Earnhardt retake his proper position in line.If Kurt had been in that same position perhaps they would have made a different decision we'll never know but I think it will be fixed by next year.

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Kurt should have been penalized. He crossed the commitment line, and just like an other driver he should have lost a lap.

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Yes I think it is a mistake. I don't like that rule. I think that if the driver is on pit road when the wreck happens or the caution comes out should not be penalized. They should only be penalized if their spotter sees something and tells them the caution is coming and they need to get into the pit. Otherwise they can't help if they are in the pit when the caution comes out. I don't really like Kurt- but I think that he should not have been penalized.

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I don't think they should have punished Kurt. Kurt had no chance to slow down, and NASCAR officials should have been smart enough to realize that. They really should change the way the pit lights change, and they should not have made Kurt pay for his mistake, because I think any driver is his shoes would have made the same mistake!

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