Any one who hates Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewert?


Should Kimi Raikonnen consider moving from McLaren to some other team?

I love Tony Stewart and wish he would of won at Watkins Glen but Jeff Gordon I cannot stand.

Should FIA introduce financial spending limits for the teams?

i hate nascar

Are vento scooters street legal?

Agreed. Jimmie Johnsons the man and proved it AGAIN yesterday. Stewart should be banned. Gordon has those rainbow colors for a reason and its not Dupont paint

8 drivers for dover?

Gordon is awesome he is my favorite driver and Stewart sucks and is an ***.

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Hate is a strong word. I don't HATE either of them, but I really don't like them.

Are rear break pads on a cr 85 motocross bike known for wearing when riding in lots of sand and wet mud.?

I don't hate any of the drivers, I don't care for either of these two, or the Busch brothers or Biffle though! It's their attitudes I don't care for!

What rpms do nitro rail or funny cars start at the line, what rpm at the in of 1/4 mile?

nope..they are my two favorite drivers.
pretty awesome that we find it upon ourselves to hate people we don't know..

How do I adjust the Idle of a 1986 olds cutlass?

Well usually with these two folks who like one usually don't like the other.Now I agree with Jaylyn up to a certain point.I don't hate any of the drivers there are just some I like less than others.I am a Tony Stewart fan but I have a lot of respect for all these drivers even the ones I like less than others.It Takes a lot of skill and courage to climb into these cars and run the speeds these guys do .I will admit that Jeff Gordon is not going to be found on my favorites list but hey that's just a matter of personal taste.If we all were fans of the same drivers we wouldn't have nearly as much fun jabbing and poking at each other about the drivers.Now I'll be among the first to get on some drivers case if I think they made a bone headed move and crashed someone without good reason.But hate nope not from me.Lets save the most critical remarks for all the idiot NASCAR bashers that don't have a life and can't find anything better to do than run down our SPORT.

Who won the molson indy today?

I don't hate any drivers, but the one I dislike the most is Jeff Gordon. But I love Tony Stewart, he is my favorite driver.


Who killed Dale Earnhardt?

You know, the word 'hate' is such a strong term, I don't understand how a fan of auto racing in general can say that they 'hate' a driver. If it weren't for the drivers that make up the NASCAR circuit, there would not be the fierce competition that we see. Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart are probably the best overall racers on the circuit today. Why would one hate them?

I think that jealousy would be the better term. After all, that seems to be the only real reason fans say they 'hate' those two drivers.

Who is the sexiest driver in Nascar?

The whole sport Sucks so yah i hate all of them. I mean who can possibly like a car going around an oval track 4 like however many odd hours i mean come on. Id rather watch soccer than that. so yah i hate Jeff Gordon and Tony stewart.

Where can I get information of the VIN number of a 2004 Ford Mustang?

I can say I hate Gordon but I can stand Stewart a whole lot better than Gordon

I am not planning to drive my car for 5 months, what care should I take?

I like you girl!? i cant stand neither one of them*

What is pro stock go kart racing?

I dont like them either but what can u do I love Kasey kahne

Who would like to buy 2 tickets for the Ft Worth IRL race ?

I don't hate any drivers. I don't like Stewart b/c he wrecks everyone and then cries about it afterward. And why did he give Edwards the finger? I like Gordon.

Where can i buy a set of mattracks for my truck?

I hate Tony Stewart.

The Toyota Tacoma pick up truck what does "SR5" feature mean?

Tony Stewart

Ford RANCHERO, how much HP?

I hate Jeff Gordon, he thinks his sh** don't stink and he can do anything on the track like spinning Kenseth to win a race. We don't need drivers like that on the track. Tony Stewart I don't mind, hes a good racer, he just needs to control the temper now and then. Let the rookies race too. They don't have to move for him .

Where is the best place to watch at the monaco grand prix?

Tony is #1 and dont you forget it.ALL of team Hendrick is GAY.

Tony drives just like Dale Sr.,You people just cant see that, u are blind and probably also GAY

What is the best F1 car in look for 2007?

I adore Tony Stewart (he's my fave driver). I don't hate Jeff Gordon, but I don't really root for him either

Aside from Alonso's current position & championship, based on driving skills who would you rate as best in F1?

i don't hate jeff but not a fan. tony i like he is a great driver.

Wow! Has JJ been taking whining lessons from JG?

I can't stand either one of them.

Someone please help me understand the points system in Nascar!!?

jeff gordon sucks tony is awesome

What do you think about the thing that the 3 pilots that were on the podium in Monaco did?

Sorry...NO HATE here.. I like both Tony and Jeff. Although Dale Jr. is my favorite, Tony and Jeff are both good drivers. Just look at the record.
Combine the answers from SmokesGirl, BigKyle28 and
McMurrayjami and you have a pretty complete answer. This would cover all the bases.


Go Dale Jr
Go Tony
Go Jeff
Go..Chevy Racing !

How much 2 cycle oil goes into a 6 gallon tank for a 1972 135 mercury outboard motor?

I don't like the word Hate either. I root for DEI and many other drivers... there are a lot that I do dislike and Gordon being one of them,, but there are others too... I think it is terrible when the fans shoot things at the drivers.I do like Tony Stewart too.

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What was the top 20 line up in the last nasscar race?

i severely dislike jeff gordon, but tony is cool. my favorite driver is Dale jr. though. GO #8!! truex is cool too, just cuz he races for D.E.I.

How to become a motogp racer? i live in india!?

i can't stand #20 #16 #8 #2#9#29
and for all the #20 fans talking about a cry baby for you
every one is talking smack about Jeff all the time why don't you all
take a good look at your driver, oh i guess you don't want to go there, i new that all ready. # 24

The five best rivalries in NASCAR history?

I hate tony stewart, but jeff gordon is my sexy speed racer.

Who will win Formula One 2006?

i love jeff gordon and i actually like tony stewart.. i think the only reason ppl hate drivers is becasue they are better than their driver.. FYI jeff gordon and tony stewart are both great drivers! both hated!

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