"Cars" Question?

How many of you on here have seen the animated movie "Cars"? Did you think it was good? not worth seeing? funny? What did you think about it?


Which ATV helmet is one of the best for the buck?

I was awesome won of the best animated movies i ever saw I LOVE MATER

Is Scott Speed definitely driving for Toro Rosso in 2007?

I loved it. It actually was better than I expected. I'd even consider seeing it again in the theatre.

Who is sick of ppl replying to a question by saying whats that, or whos that, or who cares?

my son liked it up to the last 10 minutes when the film broke and melted

Where can I find a discussion forum for travelling to grand prix races i.e. booking everything on internet?

Saw it. Loved it. Must-Have for DVD!

Do you have to be an anorexic underwear model to have a chance with our hot NASCAR boys?

Watch it you will like.definately better than expected.

NASCAR-New Hampshire?

I thought it was really good. Definately worth seeing.

Will Stewart make the Chase?


'Ever been told the Shoei RF-1000 helmet would prevent death by head inj? Pls give name, addr, # of promisor.

I loved it. It looked great on previews, and I was pretty excited b/c well, I love most of the PIXAR movies. I went to see it, finally, and it was awesome!! I thought it was great, and definitely recommende seeing it. It's got some funny moment, but it was also heartwarming.

Como es el fuel injection?

My friends and I thought it was cool but unfortunately we thought it mostly catered to a predominantly American audience. I'm not American so most of the stuff there were totally lost on me. Honestly, the only thing that made sense was the Tifosi and Michael Schumacher bit. But even Michael didn't sound like himself.

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