Am i the only female on here who loves motorbikes??

my boyfriend races post classic race bikes, im his paddock pixie i love the whole scene...Anybody else??


Which Grand Prix will you be going to in 2007?

i like them. i dont know anything about them and im only 13. but i like them and would like to own one one day and maybe actually know something about them.

Surf board or boogie board?

yes, i love bikes. especially fast ones

I see an upset?

maybe. i don`t like it.

I have a dale earnhardt photo of the final lap at daytona 1501 of 2001 can anyone tell anything about this?

i have lots of female friends are into biking too.

Who only watches races for the crashes and what motor sport has the best crashes?

love the sound of them!! my boss has just brought a brand new Harley & its so priddy & loud & fast & throaty...Ooooh plus a man in leathers! YUM!!!

WOW What a race ...?

nananananananananananah no.

Why do some people have to keep mentioning that Dale Jr. doesn't have a girlfriend?

i like them too but whats the question?

I cannot find a steering box for a 71 jeep cj5 with a V6 engine. Please help.?

me, i even drive a motorbike, i would hate to be just a biker's girl.

My friend has a couple of Ducati's and I love going out on them, they're so much fun! We love to ride around the hills all day! There aren't many other of my female friends that like them though, it does seem to be male orientated!

Ryan Newman..?


Can I watch Formula 1 live on line?

I love the old Vespas and Lambrettas but am guessing they are not your thing x

Does Mark Martin still have a chance at the Nextel Cup?

i myself enjoy watching and the stlye of bike but 2 get 1 myslef and ride well no

I've never been to police auction im not sure they exist. are they worth checking out.?


Any info on grass track racing in norwich?


Do you know the lineup for tis weekends nextel race?

No sorry. I prefer a nice big 4x4 with luxurious interior. Motorbikes are not good for a woman's hair.

Is it time for the 24 team of Jeff Gordon to find a new crew chief or will they snap out of it?

Sorry.motorbikes are not my cup of tea

Who would be your top 5 driver's in Sunday's race?

NOO! i love motorbike too!!! even my idol is a motogp rider!!

How good is Kasey Kahne Really?

i do love a good female bike'r

Where would I find out about Nascar team operation centers? How big the bldg. and evrything that involves it?

I know you girls like something hot and throbbing between your legs.

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