Am I a racist if I do this?

I like to drive fast cars around a track and compete with others. Someone told me that makes me a racist, is this true?


Complete the sentence... Lewis Hamilton is...?

When I tell people I'm a cartoonist, they think I draw pictures. Actually I make automobile engines run smooth!

How do you know when you need to rebuild your 2 stroke motor?

Yeah,A Car Racer.

Do any NASCAR drivers have tattoos?

no.. racist is being discriminatory towards people of a different race then you.. racing cars does not make you racist

If you drag race and you are trying to go big ho do you get bigger sponsers?

no a racist is sombody who discriminates sombody because of the colour of there skin who ever told you this they are an idiot,
what you do makes you a racing driver

Why do you Jeff Gordon haters think he looks like a WEASEL?

lol... not only are you a racist, but your also very racy !

I was trying to be nice and give 10 points?

No. Whoever told you this is prejudiced. They are pre-judging you because racing cars is primarily a white, male dominated sport. They are clearly a close minded person, so don't take offense to their uneducated comments.

Why door open light stays on in my car?


I need to find a tony stewart patch, actually a couple of them, do you know where I can find them?

a race car driver not racist. racist is being cruewl to outher races like calling black The big niger word that being rasist.

I want to buy a car, so which one is better Honda Civic Sedan 2006 or Mazda 6 2006?

come on now! No just b/c u drive cars around the track does not constitute a racist.. like someone else said.. a RACER but not a racist.

Shumi is coming back what do you say guys?

No Dude it makes you a RACER, Your friends have no understanding of the Language. hahhhha

NASCAR Pepsi 400 Daytona?

i think they were probably jokin!

Where did earnhardt jr start tonoght?

John Wayne once played a gunfighter and they called him the "Shootist", so I guess you are.

My son wants to start Kart racing in the juniors... How do I get him involved?

cute, thanks for the points

What type of headers should I use for an LT1 engine going into a 92 3rd gen Camaro?


What would the nextel standings be using the old points method?

You are only a racist if you are running from a minority tow truck driver...

Do you like the truth?

You're only a racist if you refuse to drive a black car.

I was wondring around how much does it cost to fill up a regular NOS tank?

you is one cwazy bastard. i like all your questions and answers. I had a good laugh.

Just installed headers and cat-back on 03 wrangler,and the throttle is hesitating also sputtering.whatsup?

Zoom Zoom

Does anyone believe that Ayrton Senna da Silva's death wasn't accidental?

at least you have an entire crowd of drunken hillbillies for fans... look for the girls that have your number tattooed on their *.

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