Any F1 fans out there?

what an awesome race today, what did you think?


Why cant i scroll down the kimi raikkonen official website? does anybody have the same problem?

Absolutely awesome. Schumie is no longer king of the wet circuits anymore!! If anyone predicted those three drivers on the podium, they must be millionaires by now!
I'm a McLaren fan so was hoping for a one, two but Liuzzi put paid to that. At least Pedro came in second. Renault not so bulletproof anymore. Can someone please teach Fisi how to drive? Alonso passed Schumie around the outside like Schumie was going backwards and then Fisi just struggled. I'll give Fisi credit coz he finally passed Michael but then parked in the barriers!! Michael is such a sore loser. How can he tag Heidfeld??! Typical Schumie being sour grapes at the afternoon not going his way! I'm glad he didn't finish!

What is happening to Rossi in the Moto GP?

I thought it was brilliantly unpredictable and I'm glad that Jenson finally won one!
I'm a bit annoyed with Ferrari not changing Michael's tyres when any points he would have would have been gifted with Alonso retiring, but it was a damn good race. I need more like that!
especially since Hungary is usually not all that interesting and there aren't all that many overtaking opportunities.
I really enjoyed it and I'm glad everyone else did, too!

Wilkes Barre Monster Jam?

I feel sad about Fernando. It was the most unpredictable race i have ever seen. The battle between schumi and heidfeld in the final stages of the race was fabulous. have a look at this article: a good one

I love Aston Martin. Do u think BMW can compete with Aston Martin?

I really feel bad for Raikkonnen..the poor guy's gotten the sh*t end of the stick from McLaren for years. He should've been World Champion twice by now.

Anyone dare guess why there are no Yahoo/Pepsi winners west of the Mississippi in the Free Ride contest?

Was a brillant race and at last our country has a successful driver i always knew he could do it...ive been a giant fan of him since he started in day he will be a champion you can be sure!

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Awesome! Not really; the race was a bit of an anomaly because of the wet conditions.
Jenson Button fully deserved the win, but he should enjoy it while he can; it will be back to status quo in three weeks - at the Turkish GP. Few would bet on Jenson making it two wins in a row.

Why does NASCAR allow cup drivers to participate in BUSH series? They should give new people a chance.?

I have to agree with kayt... Ferrari has some explaining to do!!

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Bloody fantastic! Although Renault let me down as Alonso's DNF was due to a faulty wheel nut. But in its entirety it was spectacular and in some ways similar to Suzuka last year. They should do this more often! Scrap the WDC and WCC and place Alonso and Schumi at the back of the pack on a wet track and just enjoy brilliance at work.

But the driver of the day is definitely Fernando Alonso - no one else not even Jenson and Schumi drove as gutsy, as brilliantly and bravely as he did in Hungary. I believe the title of "rainmaster" has been passed to Alonso.

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