ANY Bars in Northwest Indiana that F1 fans Watch The races At??

Question:looking for a bar in Northwest Indiana (Merrillville, Valparaiso, Highland St. John area) To enjoy a few beers and meet some f1 fans, Any one know of any..... i guess thats it

Please help, This is NASCAR Territory, i cant go into a bar and say HEY TURN it to F1 thank you


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I wish I could help... I live in Indy and have trouble finding a place. Thankfully, I've gotten to be friends with one of the bartenders at the local BW-3s, and she managed to get one of the numerous TVs switched over so I could watch Austraila. And this was the night of IU's last March Madness game!!

So I guess the only advice I can give you is to find a bar with a lot of TVs, and be really nice to the bartender. :o)

Account settings?

no,there are no places to go

Who believes that we should ban NASCAR until the price of gas and oil comes down to a reasonable price?

I feel you dude. I am a huge fan and I live in Philly. Even in a big city. F1 is does not appear even in the radio. If you ever in Philly, let me know I will take you to a place that they will let me put the Speed channel. But noone is watching. Only me. I do not understand. Here in the USA we should be a nation that loves the fastest cars in the world race...

Jazz on a Horse...

Any ideas where I can get packages to go and see the grand prix?

i donno bcoz i dont liv in northwest indiana...

Can anyone tell me in detail what hapenned at the united states grand prix??

Most of the Amish owned bars in Indiana show F1 races on their TVs.

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