Alonso of schumacher or massa or fiscichela or button?


Who is going to win the last Formula 1 race michael schumacher or Alonso?

You can forget Fisi and Button for this season, but Alonso, Massa, Kimi and possibly even Lewis will go head to head in a 4 man, 2 team battle for the C'ship. My money's on a Ferrari 1-2 in the constructors and drivers title with Kimi winning the title.


Alonso and Massa. Everyone else will have average seasons. Maybe Button can do something this year, but it is a long shot.

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I have lost any personal interest in the sport now that Schumacher is gone. He was the reason I got up at 3 A.M to watch F1 races. But I am hoping BMW take third in the constructor's championship. Heidfeld is wicked fast when he has a good car. But I think Raikonnen will win this year if Ferrari give him a reliable car. Look out for BMW though. They're no fluke.

Formula One Races?

Why not Kimi Raikonnen?

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Alonso and Massa :)

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one word.Raikonnen.

Nuff Said

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