Any top contributors in F1!?


Do you think so that Scumacher would be able to stay in touch with the younger drivers for 2 or more seasons?

I wanna be a top contributor!!!

Should NASCAR add more road courses to their schedule?

i am sure i am... but sports1234.coms display only 3 categories that i contributed more..

prancing horse all the way...
the iceman cometh to show the way...

How do i remove paint from previously polished aluminum rims?

TC can only be awarded in three categories for a user, you cant be considered a TC for more than 3 categories. I have no clue how they award TC, except the Yahoo line of being active in a category and giving quality answers. If your in the top 10 answerers you still may not be a TC for that category. I think the only category in racing that has a TC is Nascar, and General.

The flip side of that is there are like a thousand TCs for Polls and Surveys.

Can girls become F1 racers?if yes then pls tell me the procedure for it available in india.?

i would be in disbelief to see one because the f1 forum always seems dead thats why all the f1 morons end up in the nascar forum

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