10. “Which of the following is a TRUE statement about brake fluid?“?

Question:A. Brake fluid should never be reused after it has been bled from the system.
B. Moisture in the fluid can decrease the boiling point.
C. It must meet the minimum standards that are set by SAE.
D. All of the above.


What is your take on Carl Edwards pulling double-duty(Cup-Busch)?

D. Those are all true.

Who do u like jeff gordon or matt kenseth?

I pick D...
Am I right? am I right? >.<
Crossing finger and hoping for applause...

Will Felipe Massa aid Schumacher by "eliminating" Alonso on sunday?

all of the above

Webber's been dropped by Williams for 2007... blessing in disguise!?!?

(D) I think!

How much are the monster truck tickets at clay county fair grounds?

D. all of the above.

F1 theme song by Star Sports in India?

i would have to say D

What did you think of the begining of the IRL season in 06?

(d) is the correct answer. Hydraulic fluid systems don't like dirt or water.

Can you mix conventional motor oil with synthetic motor oil?

C. It must meet minimum standards that are set by SAE
I would assume Brake Fluid could be recycled like virgin oil and reused, which rules out D. So we look at the AND, I not see what the Boiling Point is a factor, it being used as a Hydraulic fluid.

You think that NASCAR should banned the Confederate flag from fans?

none of this is true. brake fluid is imaginary. only suckers use it. i prefer air in my brake system(beer burp air seems to perform the best).

I'm looking for a clip on Danica's actions when she ran out of gas during the race on Sunday.?

D is true
u can count on me.

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