Anticlockwise tracks.?

Question:We always hear about anticlockwise tracks being harder on F1 drivers necks and so more challanging.
Why arn't races ever get run the opposite way on tracks, I understand the grip and aerodynamics would change but would it make a more challanging drive?
I suspect the answer is they are designed left or right handed for the speed but would there be any interesting circuits if they were run backwards?


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The old CART series ran a non-championship race at the Mt Fuji circuit in Japan in 1966 (Jackie Stewart won) and to the best of my knowledge (but I could be wrong), they raced in the opposite direction.
I'm sure the terrain has a lot to do with the layout and direction of modern tracks and some of the older ones. It might be interesting if cars went the opposite way around Spa-Francorchamps; I can only imagine what it would be like going through Eau Rouge anticlockwise. However, I'm sure there are a few circuits that could be easily adapted to run the other way around, but don't look for it to happen soon; Formula One teams seldom agree (unanimously) on anything. :-)

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the only thing that determines whether or not a track is run clockwise or anti clockwise is the preference of the designer.
the older tracks like silverstone, snetteron to name but 2 are based on old ww2 airfields. its just convenient that the run this way.

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There used to be a circuit on the World Superbike calendar a few years ago that was anti-clockwise -it might still have a race there. I can't remember now which one it was - maybe Brno or one of the other European ones?

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Usually races are run clockwise. I guess the left-handed tracks are designed to spice up the races as well as being more challenging for the drivers which enlightens more spectators who want to 'see the stuff these drivers are made of'

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