Am I the only guy left that Erin Crocker hasn't done?


What is a good and beautiful car ?

I'm still on the list too.

How old is kenny edwards the race car driver?

who is she and she gets around?

What was attendance figure for NASCAR Nextel Cup race at Indianapolis on Aug 6?

No probably more left.

I heard on the radio today that dale ernheart jr died today. is that true?

Wrong category. You're in Motor Sports, not I'm a Sexist Moron and I'll Prove It.

People NASCAR question?

Someone seriously needs to grow up and get life....

Where i find jeff gordon personlized football jersey?

Nope, she hasn't done me, yet, either.

What did you like about the F1 race yesterday in Italy? NO Nascar!?

WTH are you talking about? Erin Crocker does not sleep around. You have her confused with Paris Hilton. I admit there is that rumor that Erin is dating Ray Everham, who is her boss, but that is only a rumor...nobody knows if that's true. Heck, for all we know some freak could have started that rumor and that's what it is...A RUMOR!!

You seriously need to grow up.

Is there a 4-stroke dirt bike comparable to a 2-stroke 85cc dirt bike?

Well at least this is not "pointed to a male driver sleeping around"!

High Performance dual tires for sport cars at all four corners of the car?

I am on that list.

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