3-wheeler vs. 4-wheeler?

which do you think is better?


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I always wanted a 4 wheeler but couldn't afford one, so I ended up buying a 200x (3 wheeler) instead. Once I had that, I was hooked! It is true that they are 'more dangerous' but they are ALOT of fun as long as you know what your doing! Just remember to lean when you turn...just like a dirtbike, otherwise you can flip easily.

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They don't even make 3 wheelers anymore. But regardless, I'd still say 4. 4 wheelers are more steady, therefore, safer.

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4 wheeler they are more safe and stay more balanced you can do more tricks

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4 wheeler

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Yeah, 3-Wheelers were at one point banned from the U.S. because of their lack of balance, although I have driven a friend's 3-Wheeler, and sprained my arm, although it was VERY fun...I like 4-Wheelers better though...

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We own 2 4-wheelers and believe me their all the same when they fall on top of you.I had the experience going backward down a steep hill [brakes failed]and I landed in the ditch of rocks.OOOOOH does it hurt I got 3 broken ribs and couldn't move for a month.I never been on it since 3 years ago come June.

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3 wheelers are junk,not better like you said.they are prone to tipping over.stay away from them.4 wheelers are the best bet,

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3-wheelers arn't horrible, but when riging in the dessert, the stability of 4 wheels is a lot nicer, especailly when climbing hills, but mostly if there is a rock in teh middle of teh trail (as there tends to be a lot of due to mostly 4-wheeled vechiles) you can go over it, but a 3-wheeler will hit it

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