~~~NASCAR FANS ONLY~~~ Who do u think is going 2 win at Daytona this weekend?



Race fans: Do you thing Ray Evernham is bangin Erin Crocker?

i know it has to be dale jr. ! hes been doin bad a** this year and i really think he has a chance for the cup and he's standin' pretty good in the standings

Just spent 9 grand on a mint 182 cup clio las wk?

Dale, Jr.

Where can I find pictures of Mikey Waltrip's destroyed TropArtic car at Bristol ?

Mark Martin!!! woohoo go #6!!!

Who thinks Dale "wonderboy" Junior will fall out of the top ten today?

( Dale Earnhardt Jr. ) I hope he is my number 1 driver his dad was my favorite to!

Ever experienced a rotary at full potential?

Watch out for Jeff Burton, his time is coming. Also, keep an eye on the Penske cars (Kurt B., Ryan N.), it looks like they might have finally figured the Chargers out.

Anyone know where i can get free scanner numbers for nascar races?


Hey do u think is mclaren going down becz of reliability probs..n will raikkonen shine if he joins ferrari..?

Im a Die hard Dale Jr. Fan. But he perform"ed" well at Daytona and Talladeaga before the Hendrick bunch caught up to DEI on the restrictor plate program. So Either Jimme Johnson..a hendrick driver...or Dale Jr. Cause if memory served me correctly, last time Jr. had a Eury on his pit box (04) and he had a "Bad" finsih, He Won the next week...so keep an eye on that Budweiser Chevy Saturday Night. (Oh and the Busch Race also..he'll race their this weekend too)

Will Kimi Raikkonen ever win the Formula One World Championship?

tony stewart

Should the F1 award 1 point for the pole and 1 point for the fastest lap & 12 points instead of 10 for win ??

I think Mark Martin

How much will a suzuki ayabusa or kawasakhi ninja cost in india?


What should be the new name for the nascar nextel cup series be changed too?

Tony Stewart

What does 3:73 racings gears refer to?

who really knows? but i'd give anything to see junior and truex finish 1-2. it'd be a great week to see truex get his first career win

Will Jimmy Johnson win the Nextel cup?

Since I had to waste my time logging in here... it ain't gonna be JUNIOR..yes he does OK here. but the Team and his head ain't in it

I need money!!!!?

i'm putting my money on jeff gordon this week. either that or possibly jr.

Do anyone still regard M Shumi still the best drivers in the world of all times. Even though hes losing form?

I hope it's Tony Stewart or Dale JR but as everyone knows you can't predict a winner at Daytona or Talladega the cars are all too close in performance resulting in large packs of cars bunched together creating too many variables.My bottom line anybody but Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon !!

Who has the advantage?

Matt Kennseth!

For F1 fans. What do you think about Dutch sports car maker Spyker buying the Midland team?

Dale Jr of course, but I wouldn't mind if Tony Stewart won.



Rossi or Hayden in next Sundays Moto GP at Valencia...?

I want Kyle Petty to win but I think Kasey K. will win.

Which would you pick - a tuner car or a V-8? And why?

Junior likes Daytona......he's due a win. Hopefully...this week he'll get it. Go...HAMMER HEAD.. #8 YEA

IF Jr can't pull it off this week..I hope Tony does...#20
Smokes had some rotten luck lately.he's due a win too!

Be something if Martin could pull it off.
Or.. Terry Labonti..

If none of these pull it off........

I'm OK as long as a CHEVY gets the "checker"

Can i get a diff locker for the frount and rear difs on a mazda b2500 bravo?


Who are the most underrated drivers in NASCAR history?

Dale Earnhardt Jr all the way

After Peter Brock, who has had the most podium finishes?

As good as Jimmie Johnson and Matt Kenseth have been doing lately, it will probably be one of them. But my fav. driver is Kasey Kahne, so I hope it will be him. GO KASEY! #9

Does Jeff Gordon have money invested in evernham motorsports?

Who cares?
There is something else in motorsports this weekend. Also in the US. At Indy. And that's what I'm going to watch.

Where can I find an online clip of the chase drivers in NASCAR doing the top ten list on david letterman?


If you're driving faster than the speed of sound, can you still listen to the radio?


Who do you think will win this year's MotoGP championship?


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