Anybody ever experienced the Richard Petty driving experience?

I've been to the website and read about it. I just want to know if you get what you pay for and if you go fast. I don't want to pay for driving 100mph. I do that all the time anyway. Just let me know if you get to drive fast and how fast and for how many laps. If it is worth the money. Give me as much details as you can about if you had to take a class and what all you did.


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I did the RC Experience in Charlotte a few years ago. I really enjoyed it but thought it was a bit over priced for what I actually got. They said that we would get 8 laps but I only got 5. There was a short class before that explained how you follow the pace car and what the flags mean. They also give you a high speed trip around the track in a van prior to your driving so that you'll understand the line to drive and to watch for the paint markings on the pavement. There was also a lot of sitting around waiting, as in I was there over 4 hours and my drive lasted about 5 minutes. I'm glad I did it as being a huge NASCAR fan I have a whole new appreciation about what it feels like to drive a stock car. All in all it was a great experience but was a little put off by the cost. As far as the speed, the max is 145 (I think) I personally went about 130. However, to actually drive a stock car on a real track was fun. (By the way, you drive 100 miles per hour, all the time? Not smart)

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my dad took the class. there is a difference between taking the class and paying for a ride-along...FYI.

my dad loved the class, he did go really fast.

he races his own car (dragstrip style), and was not disappointed.

the whole thing lasted a bunch of hours, there was a class in the morning, then towards the afternoon was when you actually drove the car. i went to watch him, and he had the greatest time.

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This won't answer all your questions, but an old friend of mine gave his brother a similar package. I want to say it was Dale E's gig out of Charlotte NC, but I can't remember for sure. His brother did it and had a great time. I do recall him saying they went right fast and followed a pace car the entire time (although that was no hindrence). He did tell me there were different options and packages for total laps and drive time and such.

I suggest you call up the service folks themselves and ask about number of laps and speeds achieved and about the classes involved.

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i think it will be worth the money i saw them run at Charlotte N.C. and they went about 150mph maybe faster. You get a good amount of laps but that depends on what package you buy. If I had money i would do it in an instant. GO FOR IT!

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My 28 year old son did this last November the week after the Phoenix race. Cost $450 for the ride along as well as he got to drive a car for 12 laps! Normally you drive 4 laps, he and another guy had to wait. They were the 31st and 32nd to go. They averaged just under the race mph qualifying at 127 mph. Phoenix is a one mile oval. He said he would never ever forget it ! Five of us chipped in for his birthday present.

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There are other driving schools also worth looking into. Fast Track Racing School and Speed Tech Racing School also have similar programs. I have done hot laps at Rockingham, Bristol, and Charlotte. I think it's worth every penny, especially Bristol. The cars are governed to run about 160 mph at Charlotte. Where else can you sit in a 600 hp stock car? Speed Tech does not use pace cars, and you are pretty much on your own as long as you act like you got some smarts.

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Im not sure but they do the same thing at Jeff Gordan Racing School.

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I did not do the Petty Driving but I did the NASCAR EXPERIANCE at Talladega.I drove 6 laps with a top speed of about 170.Yes it is worth the time and money if nothing elese to see how it feels to handle a car at more than 150 mph.
There is a drivers meeting prior to you going on the track and they take you on a lap in a vehicle to see the points of acceleration and the line to drive.You have an in car instructor who gives you the signal as to what to do.
But by all means take advantage of it even the ride along would be well worth it( that is where you are the passenger for a driving instructor.).
Also you are on the track with 5 other cars.

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I did it at Walt Disney World in Fla. last summer. My husband got it for me for my birthday. They have 3 or 4 different packages. Each with a different price tag. The more laps you have the more it costs. I took the Qualifying pkg which was 3 qualifying laps. When you go in you put on a drivers jumpsuit and gloves and then you go outside to the pitt row and they fit you with a helmit and a hans device you get in the passenger side with a driver and he takes you on the laps. I thought it would take a lap or two for him to get the car up to speed but noooo way he jumped on it as soon as we got at the end of the pitts and he drove it like he stole it. He had it up to 160mph and looked at me and asked me if i was gonna scream and i yelled hell no go faster!!! He got the car as close to the wall as he could get it and as close as i cared to get! It was a great time! I am a huge Dale Jarrett fan and although they didn't have an 88 car they did have his team mates # 38(at that time) and i rode in that. I paid around $100 the next pkg was 7 laps at like $200 and the next pkg you actually take a class and you drive the car with an instructor in the passenger seat. I think it was 30 laps at $1200 it would be worth every penny!! They took my picture in the car and put it on a plaque for me which cost $30, but i love it. I have a nascar room at my house and it is my most prized posession thus far. I definately would recommend it if you get the chance. My step sons were soooo Jealous my husband had them on his cell phone so they could listen to the track noise of my car zooming by them as they drooled. We video tape it as well. It was awesome for anyone who is a nascar fanatic!!!

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