305 roller vs. stock 350 which is the best investment?

i have plans on rebuilding an engine i dont know which to chose from i have a 1992 RS 25th Ann. Camaro and i dont know what kind of engine i want to put back in it i have 2 engines i have a 305 and a 350 i want somethin with decent mpg but has punch 2 it nothin over 400hp and should i go roller? and if i go with a 350 should i stick with the 700r4? the parts that i have plans on outtin on either one of the blocks are the following: headers, tbi spacer, preformer intake, roller arms and lifters, and a mild cam (suggestions open on that) i not really lookin to changin the computer on the car cause i dont know to much on that.


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If you are not going to change the computer you will want to stay close to the motor that the computer is programmed for. A full roller 305 with a decent set of heads will get you plenty of power if you leave the injection system on. The heads are the main place to gain hp without increasing cubes. If you are going to a carb then drop in a 350. Lots more torque than a 305 but a little harder on the gas. Keep the cam pretty mild for the computer or you will get lots of check engine lights because the motor will get out of the parameter of the computer and sensors.

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I actually just sold my 86 iroc-z. I had a 350 engine, 202 heads, and went with the carborater, 650 holley. This car ran excellent. Roller rockers of course. I put an 80 series flowmaster, got rid of the cat. and the size fits almost perfectly for a cutout valve for open headers. the car sounded and ran amazingly. The only reason I sold it was because I have around 25 pts against my license and just got the license back. I need to keep it for another year so that it's not quite so easy to lose. 175 mph on NJ Parkway. Yea, really use to love that car. 5 speed trans manual transmission.

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