Americans in F1?

Do you guys see a time where many more Americans will start appearing in F1, I think Scott Speed is the only American in it right now. And are there any good American road racers or open wheel you guys see having a shot


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Marco Andretti has the best short right now. You have to be young to break in now. He has had two test with Honda that were not fantastic but he is improving. Unfortunantly he will be in the Earl next year which is not a proving ground for F1. He needs to be in GP2 or ChampCar. After Marco, look to Graham Rahal as the next American Grand Prix hope. He has almost as many connections and may be a better driver.

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not very soon

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Scott Speed is the only American at present, and there is not anyone on the immediate horizon. There may be another young American driver or two come up in the next few years that may have a shot at getting into F1, but that is still a few years away at best, and who know just who those drivers may be.

The best chance of actually seeing an American jump into a race seat in the next couple years would be if the right combination of circumstances arose. Part one of that would be a major name American driver deciding they wanted to be in F1... Danica Patrick and Jeff Gordan are the only two names that I can think of as remotely possible here, and I think both are also very unlikely. The driver would have to bring something special - in Danica's case, it would be gender to help marketing. In Gordan's case, he's an established American in racing and could bring in lots of sponsor money. There would have to be an opportunity with a mid to front of the pack team where they needed a driver with potential ties to American sponsors... so much so that they would risk going to someone with no real F1 experience. I personally don't see such a situation arising, or do I think the names I mentioned, or any others, would be interested in anything other than an open race seat... so, it will really come down to a young driver reaching those top ranks.

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I have no idea who scott speed really is. i have no idea where he came from or anything.

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i think marco andretti will be next if anyone, from a marketing stand point hes the logical choice, young fast american with a verry traditional name, but aside from him i dont see anyone else at the moment, the americam grand prix racing is mostly filled with european drivers

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The best American talent seems to end up in NASCAR which is not surprising, given the suicidal split in American open-wheel racing (Champ Car vs Indy Racing). Yank prospects for F1 will continue to be few and far between until this situation clears up.

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The only real American I can see with a shot is Marco Andretti. He has tested a couple of times for Honda. He didn't do bad. With Mario a former world champ and that Michael ran in the series ( but didn't do well and was let go by Mclaren in 93 ) he has good resources for racing in F1. Michael is still the leading in the number of victories in the CART/Champ Car series.

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Definitely Dale Jr.!! Sike, I'd say Marco Andretti would be the best next US F1 driver, should he choose to go that route.

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It won't happen. Americans don't do Champagne, first class Casinos and tuxedos. They do beers, barbecues and bars.
F1 is a totally different world for Americans, forget about the car itself and the road racing it is just not in the same mind set Americans grow up with as noted above.

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