A original one, Alonso o Schumacher?


Who is the only man to have won the Formula 1 World Championship in a car that carried his own name?

Michael of Course :)

Motocross tracks in london?

schuey has to be look at what guy has acheived he is a legend ferrari will not win as many grand prix without him thats for sure

Ok gearheads, the third question?


How tall is race driver Dale Earnhardt?

Alonso is the new kid on the block, once he has been racing for 15 years we will see how good he is.

Are these pumas fake or not?

schumi for ever

Who should win rookie of the year in NEXTEL?

alonso sorry im not a ferrari fan

Why is Bootie Barker in a wheelchair?


How did J. Johnson finish 14th when he had a pit road violation??

alonso dont like schumacher never have

Do u ride dirtbikes or 4wheelers?

They are not Hollywood stars or any other pop stars to change their names to please the fans with. They are sports stars they have their original names on their cap and car. The bigger the fame; the greater the name sound to hear.

Do you know how tall is Valentino Rossi?

Alonso, because he doesn't need to cheat or crash with other drivers to win.

NBS 24/7 on Speed?

Schumacher. he's like the 8th world wonder

The nextel cup chase?

Alonso. There's no denying shumi has been one of the great racers. However it has always been tinged with arrogance and the fact that Ferrari carry a lot of weight and put pressure to bear on FIA which sometimes means that things go in their favour against he wishes of the rest of the paddock. I for one will not be sad to see the back of shumi who i think has lost a lot of what he had and let the new generation of drivers come forward. Imagine poor old Massa if he has to stay as number two - and that lads got promise.

What is the pushrod sequence on a 1999 GM 3400 v-6. IE. long,short,short,long?

Schumacher, he's the best driver in the world

What is the story with Chicago Motor Speedway? What is the condition of the track, and why did it close?

SCHUMI ...controversial,highly talented,delivers results like no one else....FERRARI .YEEEHAAA

What do you think ordinary people have in common with race drivers?

schumi 4 ever...forza schumi!!

Who was the runner up of michael schumacher in the 2004 formula 1 season?

The Asturian horse-killer.
Alonso hasn't proved himself to be a driver that does what MS did: crash into other drivers to secure his "glorious" wins.

I will be really happy on October 22nd if MS retires as a big LOSER.

How many other people are totally miffed?

schumacher best driver ever broke ever record going can you see any other driver beating them i cant next year i think kimi willl win

If there was a NASCAR most hated driver award who would it go to in your own opinion?

Alonso, as shumacker tends to be really stuck up plus shu deserves it for the "accidental" stop in one of the qualifing rounds.

Does anyone know if Tony Stewart wiil be making any apperances in Minnesota?

Schumacher without any doubt, best driver of all time.

How is nitrous oxide giving speed to cars?

ALONSO every time. Schuy is a bad loser - remember the Championship with him and Damon Hill...he's a cheater/not the first time he's cheated - and an arrogant person. Be glad to see him go - the racing will be more exciting.

Are there any racing schools in Massachusetts?

Aloha from Down Unda!

What planet are you from?

Of course Michael Schumaher is unquestionablely already the 7.8 World Champion compared to a whippersnapper Alonso. The only way Alonso is gonna be ahead of Schumacher is alphabetical!

Go Michael! Go!

K-den, M1/NSWMoke aka mikewonaus ;-)

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