Advertising in F1 - does it influence what you buy?

I tend to refuel at Shell, drive with a set of Bridgestones, own a vodafone mobile, and once thought about buying a FIAT Punto! No, I don't smoke, but if I did.


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I can't really say I've bought anything because the vendor is a F1 sponsor. I don't smoke and I buy gasoline from independant retailers-who possibly gets filled by the same truck. I have a set of Bridgestsone Blizzaks, but obviously they have nothing to do with F1. That being said, someone must buy the stuff they flog on F1 or else they wouldn't spend the money.

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It really doesn't influence me. At one time I had more than $10,000 tied up in photographic equipment. However, it had nothing to do with the fact Canon was a major sponsor with Williams; it was because Canon cameras and especially long lenses (300/F 2.8) were cheaper than Nikon without any loss in the quality of transparencies and prints.
As for fuel, I buy Shell if it's cheaper than other brands..

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Never has, Never will

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i dnt thnk so

What was Alonso thinking!?!?

I think it does

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Not really. I don't tend to drive Renaults or refuel at Elf filling stations (actually... I don't even drive a car, I'm too young for a driving license). But advertising is usually used by the teams to collect millions and millions of dollars in their multi-million $ budgets. That's the key, for both the teams and the drivers, to be succesful in F1: SPONSORSHIP.

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In truth, I will never own a set of Michelins, but I will buy gas from Shell, if it's cheaper. I always stay away from Marlboro, but I love to drive my Honda and I'm going to get a set of Bridgestones for it soon! Or maybe some Firestones-same company, cheaper tire.

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no the advertising doesnt influence me one bit i just buy what i like and no-one can change my veiw

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I say it more influencial on younger viewers. My sisters (aged 4 and 6) have are now (since watching F1) are often picking out item that are a sponnsor of one F1 team or another.

I personally have never have felt influenced.

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no, no sport advertising, persuade me to buy thier product, and that includes expecially forms of motor sports, like i am really glad the the malborro car won the race, but i way more excited that michael schumacher won the race. and i would never buy the ciggarettes winston or malborro just because they sponsor a sports team.

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