All the steps needed to take to reach formula 1 racing?


What is the worlds fastest production car?

It would be beneficial if you had a karting background but you should stuff your wallet with a lot of money or get a sponsor who will spend plenty of cash, and head for England where many of the circuits have racing schools. Enroll in one and learn the basics of driving a race car. From there you can usually buy a ride with a Formula Ford team, then a Formula 2000 or Formula Renault outfit. Conservatively it will probably have cost you at least $75,000, maybe more, by now.
At this stage it will be obvious whether or not you have talent, and if you do, and if you still have lots and lots of money, a British or European Formula Three team will put you in a car and you might even advance to GP2 and, at the same time snag a job as a test driver with an F1 team. If you've won a championship along the way (F3 or GP2), the FIA will probably grant you a Super License and if you still have lots of money or a corporation willing to sponsor you, you might become an F1 driver. Of course if you are an exceptional driver by now, the F1 teams will come knocking on your door
There are other ways of becoming an F1 driver but this is the route many take.
Remember, there are only 22 F1 drivers (24 in 2008) and a handful of test drivers, so your chances of making it all the way aren't great. Still, you can dream.

The most overrated and underrated racetrack in NASCAR?

A. Have rich parents who buy you a seat.

B. Win a title (or at least do well) in a lower formula.

C. A combination of the two.

Who is the greatest Grand Prix driver of all time?

join kart racing thn formula ford or gp2 or a1gp or lower car racings
thn some1 wil c u n sign u in f1 racing
dis is wt i m doin

Who was the British Auto Grass Champion about 10 years ago?

talent + experience + financial backing/sponsors = race seat

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