Anybody else see who won the ESPN ESPY award for best driver?

Just curious to know whose paying attention


Its 330..why am i still awake?

why of course i did. i didn't watch it, but i know who won..and i must say, i don't think they could have picked a better man than smoke.

How gay do you really think Jeff Gordon is?

It's Tony Stewart...

Hey guy with that "racing lawn mower" that can "beat" my dragster?

no i missed it,but im glad to hear that tony stewart won it.he's without a doubt the second best driver of all time. dale earnhardt sr. was the best of the best.

Why do Jeff Gordon gots ta whine an' complain so much?And gots ya noticed dat he don' really gots uh top lip.

dont get me wrong i like tony but dont think he deserves the best driver..besides he doesnt know when to shut that big trap of his up..thats the only thing i dont like about if he causes sum sh*t its ok its racing, but if someone bumps him he acts like its a disaster....he's to much of a puss...hey i got it...why dont we just call him Tony Kenseth

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