Any1 likes go-kartin?need help.?

im participatin in a go-kartin race the first time but i reely drive well.any suggestion on how to go abt the race and any tips on racin...I REELY NEED SUM..


Do you drive a Manual or a Automatic?

Hi, I am Rajeev. I love Go- karting too, not only go karting any sort of racing. If you want to win follow the tip. While cornering stay on the inner most side of the track and while exciting a conner use full outer end of the track. If you have grids the car will automatically touch. This is believed as the best racing line even in F1 also. IF you see the next formula one race you will know what I said.

While cornering see toward the corner and not straightly. Wear a helmet that does not block your sight I the sideward direction.

Be on the outer line of the track before a speed trap. You should gradually shift the side so that you will not loose must of the speed handling.

Do not brake while cornering it will send you spinning. Brake before the corner and steer the car by slightest of the acceleration.

Waltrip The Wrecking Machine?

yes its funn

Who sang the anthem at today's NASCAR race?

its the bestttttttt i love it!!!
good luck whatever u do just dont touch the break no slowing down u need to think when to shift ur body weight and avoid the losers on ur path and just taking the rite angles in the curves hahahahah

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