2 stoke dirt bikes getting banned?


Need help with ATV problem?

maybe in California, they have stricter emissions laws than anywhere else. I don't see them getting banned, but i do know that the new technology with 4-stroke dirtbikes is making the 2-strokes pretty much obsolete. If you watch supercross you'll notice there is only one team out of like 60 that is still running a 2-stroke. the rest are 4's.I personally like the top end power and sound of a 2 stroke better( i ride a CR250), but i have ridden a CRF450 and it was alot less tiring to ride so i can see why even the pros use them now. Anyway, with emission laws becoming stricter and stricter, it wouldn't surprise me if the 2-strokes do get banned sooner than later. It will be a sad day for me when they do.

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