Anybody Else Watching Bruno Senna?

Ayrton Senna's nephew. He used to race go-carts against Senna on their home track when he was ten, but he stopped all racing aspirations completely after Ayrton's death. Eight years later he got back into it, and is trying to catch up. He is 21 now and has just won his first F3 race and his goal is to be F1 world champion. Senna said, "Just wait until my nephew gets here." We'll see. I hope he makes it. I think he will.


Do you think John Force will ever retire?

DEFINITELY!! He could be the best thing that happened to F1 in a long time.

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What's so exciting about watching cars go in circles making donut shapes with the car smoke 300 times?

Do you think Mark Martin will win the Nextel Cup this year? Why or why not?

Yep, he's a great talent, did you see the race earlier in the season where his car hit the underside of the bridge?!

There is no doubt he'll make it to F1

Would you drive a super car for everyday use?

He will make it in F1 no later than 2009, because he is a great talent and he has backing from... Bernie Ecclestone.

Does the turbo work in A/T?


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