Any views on kimi raikkonen move to ferrari?


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Since he will be replacing Schaumacher, he has a lot to live up too. Saying that, I think that next year is going to be an interesting year for F1. Alonso is the best driver at this time in a second best car. With Kimi in a Ferrari, depending on if he can get up to speed (I mean integrate into the Ferrari team's framework and accustom himself to the car). it should be quite a battle between them both. I think Alonso will have the edge at first, but I'm putting some money on Kimi taking the Championship as an outside bet.
Either way, I think Kimi will, if he remains with Ferrari for 2 or more years take a title.

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Don't know why he did not do it sooner

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He'll have a better chance of winning anything at Ferrari than he did at Mclaren

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It's the right move.

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Yes, he'll look much better in red.

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I don't think he will be a good Ferrari driver,the Ferrari fans are at least used to drivers with a personality,he is a great driver but probably the most most boring man in F1 !

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Best chance ever to win a World Championship. hope he does.

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Best possible match. Kimi needed a car that would not stall every now and then and Ferrari seems to promise just that giving him the best shot next year. Remember, Ferrari will have the advantage of experience with the Bridgestone tyres.
Ferrari, on the other hand are losing the best driver on the planet. They needed someone to fill the gap albeit partially. Given that the best brain after Schumi, Alonso had already signed for Mclaren Kimi seemed the logical choice.
Forza forever.

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Kimi will have to "fit" in the team, I don't think that is going to be problem 'cause he has Michael's approval. Of course all of these are a process that can take more than one year, but the shorter it gets the more succesfull it will be.

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I hope it doesn't take too long before he adapts to his new team, because as soon he does is the time frame he will start winning. I really hope that his bad luck change for better.

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As a long time Ferrarri fan, it's so very regretable to see Michael Schumacher bow out. The confidence of the management teams at Ferrari is, in my opinion, unquestionably sound & righteous. I accept their choices as law! I'm looking forward to very exciting China, Japan & Brazil races. Maybe Kimi will suprize us with winning a few races but I doubt that I'll live to see him out-perform our man Shui!

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It is a wise move. Depsite a massive budget, Mclaren are not where they should be. Raikkonen's best chance of a world championship lies either with Ferrari or Renault.

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Ferrari couldn't have chosen a better predecessor for Schumi and when he teams with Massa for the first time... I'll be there!!

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Great move on both sides.
Just have to get Kimi some passion and a smile!

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Well, he's got a good team mate in Massa, and he obviously has everything necessary to win the championship. Ferrari reliabilty takes some beating, so I reckon he's got to be favourite.
Additionally, all cars will be on Bridgestones next year, and Ferrari are already familiar with them, so they will have the edge at the start of the season

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Unfortunatley Ferrari left formula one a long time ago, but im sure kimi will win some races in his Marlboro Vodafone Fiat

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I don't think Ferrari could of signed anyone better, Raikkonen will win the championship next year, with Massa second, Fissichella third and Alonso fourth, Raikkonen would have won it once or twice already but didn't have the car at Mclaren thats why i can't understand why Alonso has gone to Mclaren.

Personally i think next year Ferrari will have the best 2 drivers in the championship.

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I still think that MS should have stayed for another year ..or at least until he rakes out his 100th win.

for the drive...i would like to see how Luca Badoer in the race seat.poor guy.

I think to win a championship a team still need to support only one driver.unless one driver is having a bad luck like Giancarlo last year.that allows Fernando to win the championship...

whatever it is...hope that next year will be a great year.more winners...all of the team will get early domination...

lots of surprises.

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great move

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great, anyone is better than schumacher!

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