A picture with jimmie johnson?

one of my life's goals is to get a picture with jimmie johnson of nascar does this sound possible


Why aren't there any foreign cars in NASCAR?

Yes. but you would have to have pit pass and go to track on Fridays,visit his garage .He would probably be happy to do it.I'm just guessing though.

Did Robby Gordan actually throw something out his window to cause a caution ?

it sounds pathetic. do you think he would want to see you naked?

How many podiums will BMW be on this year. I bet that they win at least one race. What are your thoughts?

it sounds absolutely possible. i want to have my picture taken with dale earnhardt jr.

Is Nicky Hayden really good enough to take the title when all the competitive riders are around?

i think u can do it alot of people have i would like to do that 2 i luv him ssssooooo much
have a nice day
jimmie for the cup in 06

Hey NASCAR fans...how many of you think F1 is boring?

Just be careful he doesn't get any tears on you!

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