Any truth to the rumor?

Danica Patrick to join the NASCAR ranks?!?


What is a relatively fast, but cheap car that can easily be suped up?


How come the renault f-1 cars are so reliable they rarely get any mechanical troubles ?

Her dad sure wants her to. Not sure if she's willing.

How do change my intake manifold gasket for 2001 nissan ultima?

not until her current contract expires.

How many ford dealerships are there?

it is just a rumor for now. She has the talent. But she will never make it to nascar

Is any1 around Telladega speedway area, Is it going to Quit raining?

when she sign's a contract that says she is racing in nascar...then i will believe it...but for now.she needs to start winning in the irl...

Wil Schumi b Alonso's partner in McLaren in 2007 session or wil he join Ferrari or Renault??

yes i heard the same thing

If your racing at the Oreillys Nationals in Ennis, TX. Would you like to have a Motorhome tow you for free?

NASCAR doesn't need to get Danica for me to watch I'M already a fan.a couple of years ago I use to root for Shawna Robinson.(Busch series) go to for her Stats

What is a good car to buy please help?

Sounds like she's on her way. Rousch and other teams/sponsors are very interested. I just hope she is ready. These ain't Indy cars, they are a bunch more difficult to drive.

How can one know how high any cars fuel consumption is? is it by its it high PS or the size?

I've read she would like to. Mark Martin has been quoted as saying she would be a great asset to NASCAR. Petty says no woman ever belongs in NASCAR.

What does an exhaust system consists of?

Danica said at the awards the other night, at this time no, but later maybe!

Is there any motor racing store selling formula1 shirt or more...In singapore?

god lets hope not! what a descrase that would be to NASCAR

When did ford put the 312 motor in there ford cars?

Mr. Retardo! Have you no class? Oh wait, we are talking about race car drivers.

Why is there so much coverage of NASCAR but so little of road racing?

hmmmmm.could be in the works.and if it does happen i would put money that she would go with Roush chicagoland her mom and dad were there as guests of jack roush...her dad also made comments to ed hinton that their were other teams that have been in contact with here as betting she is going .its just a matter of time

When was the last time steve petch snr was on otterburn ranges for a rally?

If you would search the internet for interviews of her about that you wouldn't have to ask such stupid questions like this.

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