American or Japanese cars better, quality wise & reliability, etc.?


Using rpm meter?

Of course, Japanese cars. They are the best in quality and reliability.

Do Lewis Hamilton sycophants realize the he will never be a world champion while he is Alonso's teammate?

AMERICAN ALL THE WAY, well look at the repair cost i buy parts for my chev camaro i paid about 150 dollars for everything to do a complete tune up my brother took his honda and bought the same stuff and spent nearly 500 dollars for the same brand things

It is just me or does michael waltrip seem to act gay?

Depends on a person's opinion, but I believe Japanese cars are better. I've had better dependability, and less car service with foreign made cars. The only thing is you have to make sure you have a place in town that can service foreign cars.

In which country is Sakhir F1 circuit?

Japanese cars are usually more reliable and detail-oriented.

To me, European cars look the best though.

Where can I buy artwork of rossi nudging gibernau into sand at Spanish MotoGP in 2005?

HELLO take a look at JD power the Japanese have kicked our butts... The average UAW worker shows up hungover, wihtout a connection to their company, making a substandard product, with substandard materials and designs
... when u make 29 dollars an hour tightening screws u know the end is near...
there will be atime when americans will no longer make cars... anyone still making TV's

My girlfriend accidently crossed the jumper cables while trying to get a boost, no car wont start! help?

only japanese cars and european cars are acceptable, anything else garbage.

How much money did the winner of the Daytona 500 recieve this year?

American cars are rapidly closing the quality gap. A more difficult gap to close is the price gap. When you buy an American car approximately $1,500 of what you pay is used by the company to pay the benefits for their RETIRED workers. Medical costs being a major player. This is a problem that foreign car manufacturers have yet to experience.

What do F1drivers do in the 5 months break before the next season , do they still work ?

I love my Nissan, in fact the last 4 vehicles that I have owned have all been Nissan.

Where can i find stock car racing in illinois?

Japanese for sure. American cars are losing now. GMC & Ford are now thinking about filing for bankruptcy or closing down because of very low sales. That they're closing down some plants & get rid of 30,000 or more employees each company. They're blaming the Japanese car manufacturers for this, which is true because American cars are crappy now in quality, design & what not. That the harder they trym to cope up with designing their new cars the more Japanese they look. American car buyers have gotten smarter now & know which one got quality from Japanese & American cars. Check news from time to time, because it often comes out how hurting GM & Ford are right now, that it is even broadcasted worldwide, what a shame. Newslink below for proof of that news.

Who is the biggest F1 cheat driver of ever? Who is the biggest cheater in the history of F1? And WHY?

The problem is not that Americans don't know HOW tu build excellent cars. It's that our competition doesn't have to jump through the same hoops that us greedy bleeding heart Americans do.

Take the new Corvette for example. For the money, it is undoubtably the best value for the money. A world class supercar at economy prices compared to its competition.

But for the joe-shmoe cars that everybody drives, the Big 3 have more costs to cover BESIDES the actual car. We have to pay the workers more because of stupid unions (who, for all you IDIOT auto workers who have IQs of 50, don't do you a favor in the long run. When you fight for ridiculous wages, it just forces your employer to cut jobs to make up the difference.) Health care costs, transporation of supplies costs. Foreign countries can get their labor to work much harder for cheaper wages, leaving more money to spend on materials. How can we compete with that?

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