What do you think is the most difficult – driving a WRC rally car or driving a Formula One racing car?


Who is a first F1 Malaysian driver?

Rally car.

Formula One car is like a go cart on steroids. Track surface remains the same. All you have to do is go fast.
Rally cars go airborne. The track surface changes constantly. So can the weather. You may also have to deal with altitude changes.

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Rally cars would be harder due to the unpredictability of the course you are driving on.
F1 tracks are usually kept in pretty good condition and the condition doesn't deteriorate much during a race, where as the conditions in a rally stage can change drastically in a few minutes.

Why is car racing called a sport? It's just an activity, aint it?

Would be Formula One.These guys don't get second chances.One mistake and your gone.Plus they are using a course that has left and right turns.Rally cars are glorified 4wheel drives.True they become airbourne,but thats because of the course.

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