Any websites that teach you static lessons of Rally Driving?

if it is possible to look around and know what tricks and tacheniques Rally Driver (WRC) employ and are able to drive so fast


Old timers do you know who won the first Atlanta 500?

I would like to find such a website too. But the basic techniques are: 1) handbrake turn (turn into a corner, pull a handbrake, which causes oversteering, the car looses speed in the perpendicular direction, while accelerating forward - this is not a very subtle technique but it works in every car even with a bad weight distribution), 2) all kinds of weight distribution (left foot braking - when exiting corner accelerating causes understeer, softly braking moves the center of mass forward, the car oversteers; slide the car in the opposite direction fefore the turn, than distribute the weight evenly, and turn the car into the corner, this way the car oversteers through (on grawel) with more weight on the front wheels) 3) ditch hooking hook the inside wheels into a ditch, thus having horizontal support against centrifugal force.

Last but defenetely not least: the cars (WRC class) have a 2L turbo intercooler engine, four wheel drive, 3 differentials with locks, optimum weight distribution, rollcage for safety and two crazy men driving and navigating them.

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There are a couple of video games that tried to capture the feel of rally driving down such as GT4. I am sure it had to do with a lot of practice. The co-pilot helps a lot as they know the track very well and tell the driver the speed range needed for the turn and the direction.

In a way, I think the forces behind drifting are very similar it is just why the car loses grip that is different.

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