Alonso is a cry baby. Would you agree?

Question:As soon as things get tough he goes and cries to his own national media. We saw that last year when Schumacher closed the points gap.

When Hamilton develops the race pace to challenge Alonso, Alonso will start throwing his toys out of the pram and start bitching about Hamilton to the Spanish media. Alonso doesn't have the appetite for a fight with Hamilton. He will probably run away to another team as soon as Hamilton starts beating him.

Alonso likes things to be easy and comfortable and hates it when he is taken out of his comfort zone. He cries, break tests other drivers and waves his arms about when he is not in the comfort zone.


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Yes he most certainly is. However I don't see Lewis Hamilton challenging Alonso just yet. Raikonnen and Alonso will be the two contenders for the title this year. I belive Alonso is a crybaby who got lucky last year by Michael's Ferrari engine blowing up. The only reason he won last year was because of Ferrari's poor reliability in the second to last race. Kimi is the fastest driver in F1 right now. He has 20 fastest laps vs. Alonso who has 8. But remember how easily Schumacher overtook Alonso in China and Kimi in Brazil last year? Don't forget that if Schumi wanted to he could easily destroy all of the current drivers in F1. THE BEST EVER- MICHAEL SCHUMACHER.

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Yes and Amen.

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yah he does !!!!!!!!!... !!!!!!!!!...

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Agree...If things get rough, he will throw a tandrum this year, and put down the team and his teammate..

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Whoa whoa... what did he do? Havent heard anything about that. Anyways, if this is about the starting grid apparently he and kimi were carrying heavier loads of fuel so this is pointless.I think he and Hamilton seem to be buddies. At least they seem to get along pretty well.

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No I wouldn't.

Remind me again when Michael had to fight a teammate for everything.oh yes, that's right, he never did.

Give Fernando a break (he's only 25, gees).he's the best driver in the field and will walk away with a third title.

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I totally argee with you. You forgot to mention that last year when Michael was closing on him in the standings he said that he did not have any support and even fisichella wasnt supporting him.

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NO HE ISN'T !! !! ! !
you are a cry baby!!!

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I beg to differ. Can you show me what he bitches about Hamilton to the Spanish media?

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i think alonso speaks too much,i have to say also that he is talented.we will see at the end of this season

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He isn't a cry baby. It's normal to be disappointed and upset when you're under tremendous from your own teammate who's only having his first season and yet seems to drive like he's a veteran.

Every driver is under pressure. It may seem silly to cry or be upset but we won't know how tough the situation is, unless we face it. We have to see things from other people's perspective. In my opinion, Alonso is just trying to outdo Lewis in every race but it definitely isn't smooth sailing.

Well, I have actually seen him waving his fists in the air during races and qualifying, as well as rude gestures. But that's the way things go. It may look very wrong and unacceptable but do we really know what's going through their minds when they drive? Even guessing isn't close enough- we wouldn't know unless we were in the same situation.

F1 isn't all that easy- and Alonso is just trying not to break down under the pressure.

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surely he does, hamilton is much better than him, he just got lucky when he won his championships.

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I've always kind of thought so, although he's definitely nowhere near the worst I've ever seen. And he's young, and he's with a totally different kind of team this year, so we'll see how he handles himself. So far I am not aware of him saying or doing anything seriously out of line this season.

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